Daniel Cormier fires at Jon Jones about him moving to 205 he said, “Jones didn’t want to fight Dominick Reyes”

Daniel Cormier never leave any chance to speak about his arch-rival Jon Jones. In an interview with ESPN, D.C. has spoken once again.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones

In starting of 2020, the undefeated former Light Heavyweight champ of the world Jon Jones make a shocking announcement of vacating his title. After that, the title has been vacant for a long period of time, but this Sunday at UFC 253 Jan Blachowicz won the UFC Light Heavyweight title by defeating Dominick Reyes and came in the limelight.

But as soon as he won the title the former champ Jon Jones tweeted to tease him that, “Would you guys be annoyed if I went back and grabbed my belt real quick” and after one day Jones Tweeted a reply to Ian Blachowicz calling him out saying, “How in the f*** do you consider taking off a few months to gain weight quitting”.

Jon Jones has already made up his mind to move to the Heavyweight once again if he come back to UFC and seeing his light heavyweight title is someone’s else hands don’t seem pleasing to Jon Jones.

Daniel Cormier once again spoke about his all-time rival

Daniel Cormier

In a recent interview with ESPN, Daniel Cormier has once again spoken about his arch-rival Jon Jones. Cormier said, “That’s so whack, Have you ever met a guy that’s so out of touch? He’s out of touch. It’s like, OK, Jon, then why not just go, ‘I was afraid of Dominick Reyes. Now I want to go back to 205 and fight Jan Blachowicz because he beat Dom.’ That’s crazy. Why would he do that? I mean, who does that? Who does that?”

He also added, “He could have fought Reyes. This could have been him and Reyes. This was supposed to be him and Reyes. Instead, he gave up the belt. He gave up the belt and said, ‘I want to fight at heavyweight.’ Now, ‘Maybe, I’ll go back?’ How could you be so out of touch? I don’t get it. . . That’s your boy over there kicking people while they’re down and pretty much admitting, ‘I didn’t want to fight Dominick Reyes but I’ll fight Jan Blachowicz.’ That’s crazy.”

Now Jones will give a reply to Cormier for sure but what if Jones comes back to Heavyweight and Cormier also came back from retirement to settle it with Jones once for all! Is it really too much to ask for to see them fighting against each other once again?

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