Daniel Cormier Opens on Sponsorships

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Back in the day, fighters used to wear apparel with brands that sponsored them and earn off whatever selling that apparel got them. Thus, they would have a number of tags with different brands on their shorts, all of whom paid the fighters.

However, ever since the Reebok deal came into the scene, UFC banned fighters from promoting any other brand during official business.

Taking DC up on his NASCAR comment, Ariel asked him whether there is something wrong with it. However, DC clarified that he would much rather have fighters wear uniforms than wear all sorts of patches on their shorts. While a clear garment does have a more organizational appeal, the vintage shorts with all those patches are something that no fighter or even fight fan would mind. Daniel Cormier explains how multiple sponsorships back in the day started becoming disadvantageous Ariel said that all those multiple sponsorships really helped fighters earn extra money.

While many believe it to be true, Cormier had an interesting insight into that. “ So, there was really no money left in sponsorships”. While White already made it clear that the ban inside Octagon and other events for the promotion of other brands will continue, many have raised their voices for the UFC to strike a considerably better deal in terms of the royalties that the fighters receive.

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