“Darren Till Is Still as Dangerous as Anybody in the World”- Daniel Cormier Warns the Middleweight Division

Daniel Cormier praises Darren Till and says that the recent defeat doesn't define the Fighters Career.


Daniel Cormier comments after Darren Till lost to Whittaker at UFC Fight Night 174. He impressed with his striking and opened up a huge cut on ‘The Reaper’s left side in the final minute.

In the post-fight press conference, ‘The Gorilla’ responded to Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya’s tweet of wanting to fight him.

Cormier on Till

UFC Heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier on ESPN MMA’s ‘DC & Helwani,’ ‘DC’ said, “I do, styles make fights, styles make fights. He understands he’s fighting a striker and guess what else. The champ recognizes it too because he said it himself. ‘I still wanna fight Darren. His striking is beautiful.’”

Cormier continues, “He understands that if he fights Darren Till it is a striking fight and those are the types of events that he wants to be involved in. So yea, I think because Izzy is not trying to take him down, he doesn’t have to respect that part of the game. It might be a better matchup for Darren Till.”

Whilst discussing a potential striking battle, Cormier did highlight Till’s lights-out power. This is a sentiment shared by anyone who ‘The Gorilla’ fights.

Ahead of Saturday night’s fight, ‘The Reaper’ claimed that his opponent had only one weapon. However, he added that he could not disregard it as it has resulted in great success for his opponent.

Cormier said, “But Darren Till is still as dangerous as anybody in the world. I want to state that for a fact. He has fought the very best of the best.”

Till’s Record till now

Darren Till has lost to the very best in the sport. The English fighter has suffered just 3 defeats as a professional. These have come in his last 4 fights against Tyron Woodley, Jorge Masvidal, and Robert Whittaker.

The Chosen One’ and ‘The Reaper’ have been divisional champions whereas ‘Gamebred’ is the UFC BMF Champion. He beat ‘The Gorilla’ to kick off a scintillating 2019.

‘DC’ said, “Darren Till lost a title fight, Darren Till lost to Jorge Masvidal who two weeks ago was the belle of the ball. And he just lost to Robert Whittaker. So in those 3 fights, he has lost to three of the absolute best fighters in the world.”

The top-ranked Heavyweight concluded by saying, “So if you’re one of the people that want to write off Darren Till, you’re out of your mind.”
Daniel Cormier has proven to be an excellent analyst and fans can see him making a smooth transition to the role.

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