Daniel Cormier reacts on Usman vs Masvidal fight Says Gilbert Burns would have been more effective than Masvidal

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UFC 251 is done with Kamaru Usman successfully defending his title against Jorge Masvidal. Usman used his elite wrestling to press Masvidal against the fence and win through an unanimous decision.

However, Kumaru’s style of fighting was criticised by a lot of people but he is still highly effective and the most dominant Welterweight player in the UFC.

Several people are pondering over how the fight would had shaped had there been Gilbert Burns instead of Masvidal. The Brazilian was originally booked fir the fight but he tested positive for COVID-19 and had to be replace by Masvidal.

Daniel Cormier is the person who feels Burns could have been more effective. The former two-division champion said that if Usman had fought the same way with Burns, he would have surely lost the fight.

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He was speaking with Ariel Helwani of ESPN and said, “Can I say something that Usman’s probably not gonna like too much? If you’re Masvidal, you go fight “Rocky” [Leon Edwards] when Usman fights Gilbert Burns because if Usman fought Gilbert Burns [the way he fought Masvidal], I don’t think he would’ve won. I really don’t think he would’ve beat Gilbert Burns with the performance that he had last weekend. I think Gilbert Burns is too good and he provides too many problems on that night.”

Jorge Masvidal hadn’t time to prepare. He had taken the fight on six days short notice and also had to undergo a massive weight cut. Daniel further said if Usman had played the way he fought with Colby Covington at UFC 245 by mixing up, he could win even against Burns.

Burns had undergone a long camp preparing fir the fight with his teammate Kamaru Usman. His past performances were enough to say he could be hard for Usman to beat. Now, Gilbert Burns is most likely to fight Kumaru Usman fir the title.

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