Daniel Ricciardo confesses ‘He hasn’t achieved what he is After’

Daniel Ricciardo confesses ‘He hasn’t achieved what he is After’

Daniel Ricciardo

Ever since Daniel Ricciardo has joined McLaren, it seems like he has found his long lost long. Having made his debut with the team in Bahrain, the Australian Honey Badger has come a long way. In a recent interview Ricciardo spoke about his career and his goals in the F1. 

The Perth native enjoyed a great debut for McLaren with his new teammate, Lando Norris. Although Norris bagged a fine fourth place, Ricciardo was not far away in 7th. Of course, the Australian driver still needs a bit of time to adjust to life at Woking. 

Daniel Ricciardo is a proven race winner, back in his Red Bull days. He also racked up a couple of podiums during his Renault stint before he jumped ship to McLaren. So, the Aussie is a valuable asset to McLaren and he can help Norris in a mentor-like role. 

Daniel Ricciardo wanting to be World Champion 

He said, “One thing I’ll say is, the desire to compete probably only got stronger. Maybe that’s still, because I haven’t achieved what I’m still after. I have to control my emotions still, because I just want to get Sunday done and get out there. That desire, if anything, has increased in intensity.” 

The British marquee will be hoping that Ricciardo’s expertise can benefit them. Although Norris is talented, he does not have enough experience to help in the car’s development. Only an experienced head like Daniel Ricciardo will be useful in providing inputs to the outfit. 

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