Dasha vs Chrono in Free Fire : Who is better for ranked mode

Free Fire is a game with many characters to choose from. here we compare Dasha vs CHrono in Free FIre.


Free Fire is a game with many different characters for the players to choose from. All these characters have their own unique abilities that aid them in various ways. Free Fire lets players buy characters using diamonds and always keeps adding new ones to change up the game. in this article we will compare Dasha vs Chrono in Free Fire.

Chrono in Free Fire

This is a character who was recently added to Free Fire and is based off Cristiano Ronaldo.

Chrono has an active ability- Time turner. Time Turner lets you summon a force field that takes upto 600 damage. The force field also offers you and allies within it a significant boost in movement speed. When upgraded, the boost in speed becomes even better. There is also a customisation set in the game for Chrono called the Cosmic Bounty Hunter Set. This top up even is a great chance to quickly grab Chrono.

Dasha in Free Fire

Dasha’s character bio says that she is a trickster. Dasha’s ability, called Partying On has a wide variety of buffs it offers up. Partying on is a passive ability and here is what it exactly does.

  • Damage taken from falls reduced by 30% (50% when maxed out)
  • Recovery time from falls reduced by 60% (80% when maxed out)
  • Recoil Buildup rate reduced by 6% (10% when maxed out)
  • Maximum Recoil reduced by 6% (10% maxed out)

Clearly Dasha’s abilities offer a more mechanical advantage and can prove to be pretty useful across the length of a game.

Dasha vs Chrono

Dasha and Chrono are both good characters depending on playstyle. Chrono’s ability to create a force field and improve movement speed are very useful for bot hhim adn team mates. But Dasha’s ability lets you move around and deal with less recoil without taking damage. Dasha is the better character for ranked mode.

That was our article comparing Dasha vs Chrono in Free Fire.

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