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Tokyo Olympics: David Morris Taylor III turned the tides in the last second to get the gold in 86kg men’s freestyle wrestling

David Morris Taylor III of the United States of America achieved the impossible as he defeated his opponents in the last seconds of their contest to get the gold medal for his country at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

David Morris Taylor III

David Morris Taylor III of the United States of America put up the performance of the lifetime in the final bout of men’s 86 kg freestyle wrestling match at Tokyo Olympics 2020, Morris was losing this fight but he turned things around in the final moment of the bout to become the Olympic champion.

In the elimination rounds, he defeated Ali Shabanau of Belarus with a massive 11 points lead to advance into the quarter-finals, his quarterfinal match was against Myles Nazem Amine of San Marino, he won the fight by a massive point difference of 10 to move into the semi-finals. In the semi-final bout, he faced and defeated Deepak Punia of India with yet another dominating performance.

The gold medal contest was between David Morris and YAZDANI CHARATI Hassan of Islamic Republic of Iran, it was a tough contest and Hassan was winning the fight up until the last moment, but David gave everything he got and turned things around the final seconds to get the victory and become the Olympic champion.

YAZDANI CHARATI Hassan from Islamic Republic of Iran lost the gold medal bout to David Morris Taylor in the final seconds and had to settle with a silver


Hassan Yazdanicharati of the Islamic Republic of Iran defeated Javrail Shapiev of Uzbekistan in the elimination round to move into the quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals, he defeated Stefan Reichmuth of Switzerland with ease to advance into the next round. His semi-final bout was against Artur Naifonov of ROC to claim his spot in the finals. He lost the finals to David and had to settle with silver.

NAIFONOV Artur of ROC and Miles Nazem Amine of San Marino got the bronze medals at Tokyo Olympics 2020


Artur Naifonov from ROC won two straight fights before losing the semi-final to Hassan from the Islam Republic of Iran, he was then placed in the repechage bracket and faced SHAPIEV Javrail of Uzbekistan in the bronze final contest, he defeated him with a two points lead to secure the medal for his country.

AMINE Myles Nazem

Miles won one fight before losing the quarter-finals to the gold medalist David Morris Taylor III, he moved into the repechage bracket and defeated Ali Shabanau of Belarus to claim his spot in the bronze finals. His bronze final fight was against Deepak Punia of India, and he defeated him to get the bronze for his country.

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