“Defense is worse than I thought”: Shannon Sharpe criticizes the Big 3 at Brooklyn Nets

The Big 3 criticized over defensive blunder as analyst Shannon Sharpe throws taunting comments

Shannon Sharpe, Brooklyn Nets’ Big 3 Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving

The Big 3 line up at the Brooklyn Nets has really got the NBA chattering. After James Harden joined the Brooklyn Nets, the team made was invincible. However, their previous performance depicted the contrary. The Brooklyn Nets lost to Cleveland Cavaliers in a double OT game! While it was overestimated that Kyrie Irving’s return could make the dream team complete, they have really failed.

After their 12-point crushing defeat, the Nets seem to be de-railed a bit. Fans all over have been disappointed with poor display of defense by the team. And especially the Big 3. In fact, Collin Sexton, the Cavs youngster single-handedly scored over the Kyrie, Kevin Durant and Harden respectively. The Brooklyn nets are really off color in the league. They have been exposed to criticism and Shannon Sharpe, the NBA analyst hasn’t backed down to give a statement.

Shannon Sharpe criticizes Brooklyn Nets’ Big 3

Shannon reminded how the defence was really frail. He said, “They made the worst offensive basketball team look like the 2017 [Golden State] Warriors out their last night… Collin Sexton did that. That’s not Jayson Tatum, that’s not Joel Embiid, that’s not LeBron James, that’s not Kawhi [Leonard], that’s not Paul George. You’re absolutely right, Collin Sexton looked like Steph Curry

However, it was the first of many games by the big 3 at Nets. Kevin Durant already commented how he felt it was all right and the team was really comfortable despite their loss. As Sharpe has pinned out the real weakness, the Brooklyn Nets really need to get their pieces together if they eye the title.

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