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‘Derrick Lewis has the most power ever…That’s not a knock on Francis Ngannou, it’s reality’ – Daniel Cormier with another bold claim

Derrick Lewis is slowly making his way up the heavyweight division ladder, for another title shot.

Derrick Lewis

Derrick ‘The Black Beast’ Lewis is as good a lightweight you will ever see. The sheer power and strength of Derrick is unmatched and he showed it at the recently concluded main event of UFC Fight Night 185, when he knocked out Curtis Blaydes with a brutal uppercut, rendering him unconscious. With that win, he equaled the record for the most number of knockout wins in the history of the UFC’s heavyweight division (12).

Speaking in the recent episode of DC & Helwani’s MMA Show, Daniel Cormier revealed that Derrick Lewis is the most powerful heavyweight ever; even more powerful than the dangerous Francis Ngannou. He also cemented his claim saying that Lewis’s power was the reason Francis Ngannou never ‘bull-rushed’ Lewis.

‘There is a reason Francis Ngannou was so tentative in the fight against Derrick Lewis

Daniel Cormier was quoted as saying, “Derrick Lewis has the most power ever. And, somebody goes Francis one, Derrick two. Everybody started going Francis Francis Francis! There is a reason Francis Ngannou was so tentative in the fight against Derrick Lewis. It is the only time he’s ever fought like that. Francis just bull-rushes everybody from Stipe Miocic to Alistair Overeem. Almost a blatant disregard for them and their power.” [H/T – FirstSportz]

Speaking further about the influence, Lewis’s power has, Cormier said, “He stood and took pictures with Derrick Lewis because of the power coming back in his direction. So let’s not go acting as if Derrick Lewis does not have power to match anyone in the heavyweight division, even Francis Ngannou. And, when you talk about knockouts, nobody has more than Derrick. So, how do you say, that another guy has more power than him. That’s not a knock on Francis, it’s reality.” [H/T – FirstSportz]

Well, Lewis has made it four wins in a row, and is charging in on another title shot (had a shot once, against Daniel Cormier). He is currently ranked number 4 in the heavyweight rankings, but will surely move up, once the rankings are updated. With Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic fighting for the title in a rematch, Lewis might soon find himself in that place, challenging for the title.

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