Desi Gamers/Amit Bhai Free Fire ID, stats, KD ratio, YouTube rank, Income and more for Oct 2021

Amit Bhai is one of the most renowned personalities on Social media platforms, especially in the Free Fire Community. Here is Amit Bhai Free Fire ID and other details.

amit bhai free fire id
Amit Bhai ID

Desi Gamers, owned by Amit Bhai is one of the most-subscribed Free Fire YouTube channels in India. Here is Amit Bhai Free Fire ID, in-game stats, KD ratio and more for October 2021.

The imminent popularity of Free Fire has led to a massive rise in its Esports scene and its user base. Players will find new content in the game each day so that they can never get bored of it. Many content creators across the globe have got their eyes on this game and some have made quite popular careers through this. Amit Bhai is one such name among thousands and more who have emerged popular by making content around this Garena’s ultimate BR title.

This article will reveal Amit Bhai Free Fire ID, in-game stats and his YouTUbe stats along with his estimated total earnings for October 2021.

Amit Bhai Free Fire ID

amit bhai free fire
Amit Bhai UID

Amita Bhai Free Fire ID is ‘206746194‘. His real name is Amit Sharma who hails from West Bengal. He has a professional esports team for Free Fire which is now qualified to FFIC 2021 Fall Grand Finals.

Amit Bhai Stats

Amit bhai free fire id
Lifetime stats

Lifetime Squad stats

Win rate30.28%
Headshot Rate19.05%

Lifetime Duo Stats

Win rate 24.70%
Headshot rate19.55%

Lifetime solo stats

Win rate 26.67%
Headshot rate24.65%

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CS Career

Amit bhai uid
CS Career
Win rate60.31%
Headshot rate34.42%

Ranked Stats

Free fire amit bhai
Ranked Stats

Ranked Squad mode

Win rate34.21%
Headshot rate30.17%

Ranked Duo Mode

Headshot rate32.08%
Win Rate0%

Ranked Solo Mode

Headshot rate31.25%
win Rate0

Amit Bhai YouTube Channel and Income

Desi Games is one of the top-most subscribed YouTube channels in the Free Fire community which is owned by Amit Sharma, aka Amit Bhai. He has joined YT back in May 2015 while the oldest and the first video on his channel dates back to October 3, 2018. Since then, he has uploaded several videos on Free Fire along with other popular games and has been entertaining his audience. Also, he is also a part of the Free Fire Partner Program. As of today, his channel has more than a subscriber count of 11.5 million subscribers. More than 1000 videos have been uploaded so far on his channel which have accumulated over 1.6 billion overall views.

He also owns a couple of other channels which are named Desi Army and Desi Gamers Esports which boast 3.25 million and 5.95K subscribers respectively.

My Post 10 7 - FirstSportz
Image via Social Blade

As per Social Blade, Amits’ Monthly estimated are earnings are between $10.2K and $162.7K, whereas his yearly estimated earnings are between $122K and $2.0M. He has gained 40.6 million views and more than 200K new subs in the past 30 days.

Social Media profiles of Desi Gamers

Amit is very active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram. He posts regular updates on all of his social media platforms and he has more than 1.8 million followers on Insta.

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