Detective Panda Vs Robo: Which pet is best for DJ Alok character?

We compare Detective Panda Vs Robo as who is the better pet combo for DJ Alok and how to use their abilities to benefit Alok to his max capabilities!

Detective Panda Vs Robo
Detective Panda Vs Robo for DJ Alok: Who is better?

DJ Alok is a very popular character in the game and players might wonder which pet is the best for him. In this article we compare Detective Panda vs Robo and who is a better partner for DJ Alok in Free Fire.

Pets in Free Fire are one of the most unique additions to the battle royale genre as a whole. These pets in Free Fire are the small companions of the players who accompany them to the battlefields. They also provide the players with minor buffing abilities that help them in a variety of ways. However, some pets may be better suited for a particular character than the other.

Down below we compare the two pets to see who is better for DJ Alok.

Detective Panda vs Robo for DJ Alok

Detective Panda Vs Robo
DJ Alok

Alok is one of the most popular characters in the game with an amazing ability called Drop the Beat and creates a 5m zone around him that increases movement speed by 15% and heals for 5HP/sec.

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Detective Panda

Detective Panda
Detective Panda

The Detective Panda pet is a cute looking panda wearing a backpack and a bandana. He has an ability called Panda’s Blessing which restores 10 HP upon a kill. This ability is a good sustain ability but players need to be good at getting kills to use it to its utmost potential.



This is a flying round robot pet that has an amazing ability called Wall Enforcement. This ability significantly improves the gloo walls used in Free Fire. At the max level this ability adds a shield to the gloo wall and provides an additional 100 HP shield. This is a great ability to have especially since the Gloo wall is such a useful damage blocking item.

Detective Panda vs Robo

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However, on comparing the two pets in Free Fire, some synergy with the character ability, makes one pet better than the other.

Robo is the better choice simply because gloo walls are really strong. Taking cover in between fights with the additional damage block and healing with Alok’s ability can cause many drastic wins.

While Panda may heal DJ Alok combined with his personal healing to create a large healing spree, it is unlikely to happen since it requires kills to activate.

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