Difficult To Host Olympic 2021 Without An Effective Vaccine: Top Doctors


On Tuesday, the head of Japan medical association said that it is too early to consider lifting Japan’s state emergency over the Coronavirus and it will be difficult for Japan to host next year Olympics without any effective vaccine for the virus.

The administration will decide during the holidays whether to extend the declaration, government and ruling party sources told Reuters last week.

At a media briefing, JMA president Yoshitake Yokokura said, “I do not believe it will be possible to lift (the state of emergency) across the whole country at this stage,”

The one-year delay of the 2020 Olympic Games announced last month was a major blow to Japan, which had already spent $13 billion preparing for the event. As the outbreak has spread around the world, infecting almost three million people and killing more than 200,000, experts have warned that the fight against the virus could be prolonged.

“I am not saying that Japan should or shouldn’t host the Olympics, but that it would be difficult to do so,” he said.

“Unless an effective vaccine is developed, I expect hosting the Olympics will be difficult,” he added.

As compared to other nations Japan reported less number of Coronavirus cases and deaths, but critics says that country is not doing enough testing to reveal the scope of the problem that has driven some hospitals to the brink.

Japan reported 13,614 Coronavirus cases so far and 394 died due to the pandemic Coronavirus, according to worldometer.


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