Difficult to maintain fitness of fast bowlers: Shanker Basu


Shanker Basu who oversees the fitness of Indian cricket team feels that it is difficult to maintain fitness of fast bowlers without running on the field. He also talked to Jasprit Bumrah, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav and Mohammed Shami about their fitness.

Basu said “In the current scenario, the batsman can still get away but it is tough for the fast bowlers despite them doing the best they can. This fast bowling unit is very sincere and they will do everything in their capacity to stay fit.”

Basu also told about the challenges that bowlers have to face after the lockdown as they have to be match ready they have to turn on their performing hat and steam in and bowl fast.

The sudden change in the training can be a risk for bowlers but in today’s time each and every cricketer is taking their fitness very seriously. For bowlers they can run on treadmill but it will not be the same as running in the field. This is difficult time to keep yourself ins shape.

One always eat more when they are home but this is the time to make yourself more fit and healthy so try to eat in a limit and try to eat healthy.


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