Dimitar Berbatov fears the performance of some players behind the closed doors


Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov fears the performance of some players could suffer in the absence of spectators and a normal atmosphere at stadiums. All the matches will be played without fans. Reportedly, a number of soccer leagues will be resuming in the coming weeks.

The German Bundesliga season will restart on May 16, After the suspension of more than two months and championships in South Korea and Faroe Islands are resuming this weekend.

Berbatov told that Playing behind closed doors isn’t going to be the same and everybody knows that. His country is all-time leading scorer with 48 goals.

“It will be quiet and you will be able to hear all the players talking on the pitch and communicating with their coaches,” Berbatov said.

“The atmosphere won’t be there and it’s going to be different for every team. Some are going to take it okay and others may suffer from it. Sometimes it can affect you performance when you go out there and there are no fans, you know it’s a serious game but in a way you body and mind can tell you it’s like a practice game, which can lead to bad games and performances, which isn’t a good thing”, he added later in a statement.

Bulgaria’s Footballer of the Year on seven occasions, joined in 2008 for a club-record fee of 30 million pounds. He said sometimes fans can also win the match.


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