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Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler: Who Is Best Character In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode?

Free Fire has a huge character roster with many characters to choose from. Here we will take a look at Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler to check who is best character in Free Fire Clash Squad mode for August 2021.

Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler

Free Fire features various characters with unique abilities and skills which helps players on the battlegrounds. Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler are such names in the extensive collection of characters in Free Fire.

There are almost 42 characters available in the game at the moment and developers drop new characters with each new update. Recently in the OB29 update developers introduced two new characters “Dimitri” and “Thiva“. The characters have active and passive skills to help players on the battlefield. Here in this article we will take a look at who is better character for Free Fire clash squad mode among Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler.

Dimitri (Healing Heartbeat)

Dimtiri In Free Fire

Dimitri is one of the new characters in Free Fire introduced with the new OB29 update. According to his in-game description he is an sound tech engineer who loves action movies. He has an active ability called “Healing Heartbeat“.

At it’s base level (level 1) his ability creates an aura of 3.5m around him that act as healing zone. Inside that aura both the user and allies recover 3 HP/s. Also when downed user and allies can self-recover to get up all the effects lasts for 10 seconds and comes with cool down time of 85 seconds.

Whereas, at the max level (level 6) all the attributes remains same but the skill use time gets increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds and the cool down time gets decreased to 60 seconds.

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Thiva (Vital Vibes)

Thiva In Free Fire

Thiva is the latest addition to the Free Fire roster recently introduced with the OB29 update. His in-game description states that he is a singer and musician who loves Sky-diving. He has a passive skill by the name “Vital Vibes“.

His skill at it’s base level (level 1) increases the rescue speed by 5% and upon a successful rescue, user recovers 15 HP in 5 seconds.

At max level (level 6) the attributes increases drastically and the rescue speed increases by 20% and upon successful rescue the user recovers 40 HP in 5 seconds.

Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)

Skyler in Free fire

As per his in-game description, Skyler is a CEO and superstar. He has an active ability called Riptide Rhythm. At its default level, this ability unleashes a sonic wave that can damage 5 gloo walls within 50m.

Each gloo wall deployed will result in an increase in HP recovery, beginning with 4 points. The ability, however, has a cooldown of sixty seconds.

Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler: Who Is Best In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode?

Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler

In the Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler ability comparison the winner can only be one. Although all three characters have good skills to use on the battlefield in the free fire clash squad.

Skyler’s skill can be most useful in Free Fire especially in the clash squad mode where using gloo walls is must. However, Dimitri also has an aura around him which heals at 3 HP/s but it also gives a self-recover boost and has more skill time than DJ Alok.

Whereas, Thiva reduces the rescue time and also recovers certain HP upon a successful rescue. Upon taking a look at the skills of all three of them it is good to say that Dimitri is the clear winner in Dimitri vs Thiva vs Skyler : Who is best in Free Fire Clash Squad for August 2021.

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