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“Disgraceful !”: Twitter reacts as VAR overrules Aston Villa’s goal for the most absurd reason

A controversial VAR check overruled Aston Villa's injury time goal which would give them a much needed lead against Leicester City.

Ever since it’s introduction in 2018, VAR or Video Assistant Referees has been put to some serious questioning on several occasions, especially in the Premier League due to all the controversy that it has given rise to. In some intense leagues across Europe, like the English Premier League, the oversensitivity of the newly invented technology was being alleged to break the flow of the game. A similar thing happened with the hand-ball decisions at the start of last season but luckily FA was quick to make amends in its rules.

However, it would be negligent to say that VAR is flawless now as it’s truly not. We still see a number of VAR controversies across the globe and one such occurred in the Premier League tonight in the big match between Aston Villa and Leicester City.

Aston Villa took on Leicester City at their home ground Villa Park in the second last match of Game-week 15. There is not much difference between the position of the two sides on the points table currently and this would thus be a decisive match. Aston Villa, who have been brilliant ever since the appointment of Steven Gerrard as their new head coach, were taken aback when Leicester City took an early lead in the 14th minute. However, they were quick to score the equaliser through Ezri Konsa within just three minutes.

VAR overrules Aston Villa’s goal

Aston Villa players complaining about the overruled goal

The match opened up completely after that goal and the Lions were looking much more clinical in the final third. They were rightfully rewarded for that in the injury time of the first half as Jacob Ramsey tapped in an easy one from inside the box but that’s where the controversy started.

An Aston Villa cross tiptoed inside the box and finally fell to Leicester City Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel’s hands. However, he had not grabbed it properly and seeing the opportunity, Jacob Ramsey kicked the ball while he was still holding it.

After consultation with the VAR, match referee Michael Oliver overturned his decision and nullified the goal, giving a free-kick to Leicester City. This infuriated the Aston Villa players and fans and they protested it vigorously. There was quite an upsurge on social media as well.

Let’s take a look at how Twitter reacted to the incident.

Twitter Reactions

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