DJ Alok vs Chrono: Who Is Best In Free Fire In May 2021

Free Fire has a huge character roster with many characters and unique skills. DJ Alok and Chrono are two big names in the list here we will do a comparison of DJ Alok vs Chrono skills comparison to check who is best to use in May 2021.

DJ Alok vs Chron In Free Fire
DJ Alok vs Chrono

Free Fire has many characters with diffrent unique skills, DJ Alok and Chrono are the most popular. Here we will compare DJ Alok vs Chrono and compare who is better in free fire in May 2021.

Free Fire has has a wide variety of unique characters which help the players on the battlefields. These characters have unique abilities that set them apart. DJ Alok and Chrono had two of the most prominent in-game active abilities that dominated all other.

DJ Alok vs Chrono In May 2021

DJ Alok {Drop The Beat}

DJ alok vs chrono in free fire in may 2021
DJ Alok {Drop The Beat Ability}

DJ Alok is popular due to his Drop the Beat ability. This ability creates a 5 metre zone around him which increases movement speed of allies by 15%.

Moreover, this ability heals the player and allies inside the zone for 5HP/sec for 10 seconds. This is a great sustain ability and also has a short cooldown.

Chrono {Time Turner}

DJ alok vs chrono in free fire
Time Turner Ability

Chrono’s ability is called Time Turner and creates a force-field that blocks 600-incoming damage from enemies. Allies and the players can take shelter inside the zone and even shoot from inside it. However, earlier it used to provide 30% movement speed to the player and 15% movement speed to allies,

After the OB27 Update, this ability provides no movement speed to allies and only provides 15% movement speed to the player. Moreover, the cooldown for this ability has been increased to 170 seconds, which is more than double of its earlier version.

DJ Alok vs Chrono: Who Is Better In May 2021?

Due to the OB27 nerf to Chrono’s ability, he is significantly weaker in this patch. The biggest hit to his ability is the increased cooldown period which ensures he can’t use his ability as often. This is a significant nerf and is bound to take his power down a couple of notches.

On the other hand, DJ Alok’s ability has stayed the same and is a must have for BR and clash squad matches. Thus DJ Alok is the clear winner in DJ Alok vs Chrono in Free Fire in May 2021.

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