Dolphin Minecraft Mob: Spawn, location, uses and more

The Dolphin Minecraft Mob leads the players o hidden treasures but will also attack if attacked! All the features for this mob are listed below!

Dolphin Minecraft
Dolphin Minecraft mob: All you need to know

The world of Minecraft is home to a wide variety of mobs and animals, both land and aquatic. In this article we take a look at the Dolphin Minecraft mob and all you need to know about it.

The Aquatic mobs in Minecraft are few but distinct in their appearance and behaviour. With the new Caves and Cliffs update, the game will be receiving two brand new aquatic mobs, the Axolotls and the Glow Squids. With the introduction of these two new mobs, we certainly cannot forget our old best friend in the waters, the Dolphins!

Down below we take a look at the Dolphin Minecraft mob and know about all its details.

Dolphin Minecraft mob

Dolphin Minecraft
Dolphin Minecraft

Dolphins are one of the most interesting and useful aquatic mob to be introduced in Minecraft.

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Dolphin Minecraft
Dolphin Minecraft

The Dolphins spawn in packs of 3-5 in any ocean near the players. However, they do no spawn in a frozen ocean or cold ocean. Baby dolphins have a 10% chance of spawning naturally.

Behaviour and Drops

Dolphin Minecraft
Dolphin Minecraft

The Dolphins are Neutral mobs that will not attack the players, if the players haven’t harmed them. However, if the players attack one dolphin, the rest of the pack will also attack the player.

Dolphins leap out of water to get air and can drown if not surfaced for 4 minutes. They can also travel on land, if stranded, and move towards the nearest water body. If they don’t reach it then they suffocate and take damage.

Dolphins also play around with dropped items in the ocean and knock them about with their snouts.

Dolphins can be fed Raw Cod and Raw Salmon to improve their friendship with players. However, once a dolphin is angered it doesn’t calm stop attacking even if fed fish.

The Dolphin Minecraft mob drops some raw cod if killed.


Dolphin Minecraft
Dolphin Minecraft

Players can get a significant swimming speed boost if they are close to a Dolphin. This status effect is called Dolphin’s Grace.

Moreover, when fed raw cod or salmon, the Dolphin will swim towards the nearest treasure chest in the vicinity. This can either be shipwrecks, ocean ruins or buried treasure. Breaking the chest leads to the dolphin pointing to another chest.

Players can easily use this find amazing treasures and hidden structures that would normally be hard to find.

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However, since Dolphins avoid Guardians and Elder Guardians, it cannot lead to a Ocean Monument.

The Dolphin mob cannot be tamed by the player but can be taken along using a lead.

These are all the interesting features of the Dolphin Minecraft mob!

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