“Don’t know the work I put in”: Kenyon Martin backs Donovan Mitchell after Shaquille O’Neal’s’ criticism

Kenyon contests Shaq owes apology for harsh criticism

Donovan Mitchell
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Donovan Mitchell

The 2021 season has been full of surprises. Be it trades or teams making it to top spots. This season has been very unexpected so far. The Utah Jazz have shone very bright this season. Donovan Mitchell, the Utah Jazz guard has been effortless. They are currently with the best record in the NBA. With a 24-5 record they are leading the Western Conference. Their win over LA Clippers have strengthened their position and has deep seeded them to a confirmed a playoff spot.

Donovan Mitchell had a great night against the Clippers. But Rudy Gobert the former DPOY had 20 rebounds. The Jazz have won 19 of their 20 games in the league at stretch. Now they have established the best record to go with a great roster this season so far. And Spiderman Donovan Mitchell playing at a MVP stature has made it more easy. However, no player is spared to Shaquille O’Neal’s criticism. This time Shaq has taken it to Donovan considering his psyche.

Former All-Star says Shaq owes apology

Kenyon Martin the former NBA All-Star spoke recently about Shaq accusing Donovan Mitchell. He recently replied to harsh criticisms flouting for the Spiderman. “I would’ve had a rebuttal and they would’ve had to go to commercial,” Martin said. “I would’ve told Shaq exactly what he can do… Yeah, it would’ve been bad. Like, straight up: I just played my a** off out here and you got [something negative to say]? You don’t know the work I put in.” Shaquille O’Neal has been very critical of Mitchell and he surely owes him an apology. Martin criticized the way Shaq has been vocal at many occasions.

Kenyon Martin believes that Shaq doesn’t need to motivate Donovan. He can do it himself. He said, “You don’t know what I’m doing to enhance my game or make my team better. That’s the problem, these dudes just be on TV … I don’t need you to motivate me, Shaq. I can motivate myself. He basically told him he isn’t getting it done.” Utah Jazz are having a perfect season so far. Can Mitchell steer their ship towards a title?

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