Don’t Understand Danger Of Playing Football Behind Closed Doors: La Liga President Javier Tebas


La Liga President Javier Tebas on Wednesday has said that he does not understand what would be the danger if football is being played behind closed doors with all precautionary measures.

“I do not understand why there would more danger in playing football behind closed doors, with all precautionary measures, than working on an assembly line, being on a fishing boat on the high seas, etc.,” Tebas said in an official statement.

“If important economic sectors cannot restart, in a safe and controlled manner, they could end up disappearing. That could happen to professional football,” the statement added.

Giving examples about other nations, Tebas told, “In other countries, teams are already training, that’s the example to follow. In Spain, football is an important economic driver that we need to reactivate like many others. We continue to focus on this reactivation, in a responsible manner, and adhering to health recommendations, as soon as possible.”

On Tuesday, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that professional athletes, including football players may return to independently training from May 4, as La Liga was suspended indefinitely last month due to The Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Before the suspension of the league, Barcelona was placed at the top of the table, followed by Real Madrid.

Italy’s government also gave permission to Serie A players to start a individual training program from May 4th.


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