Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained

This Article explores the Doomsday Scenario, its acts, preps, setups, finale and rewards. It showcases a series of events which takes the player from hacking a IAA facility to saving the world

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained:

Doomsday Heist is the second sequence of the Heists update for GTA Online. It was introduced on December 12, 2017, as the Doomsday Heist Update. This series of events features Lester with the help of Avon and his AI-powered robot, Clifford, and the GTA Online characters take on a huge world threat. It features over the top action involving futuristic flying cars, and various other weaponized vehicles. In this article, we will go over the 3 acts of the Doomsday Heist , its preps, Setups and missions. This is the Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained:

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Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained 1

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained:

Just like the Basic heists, the Doomsday Heists also need a property to start. These are known as facilities. They are huge underground bases with space to store vehicles like an Avenger and they can also be fitted with an orbital satellite cannon. They can be customized largely from the wallpaper to the flooring and everything else. The doomsday heists also have setups to complete before playing the finale but there is also the prep stage before the setups which the player needs to complete before playing the setups. To play any of these missions, the player needs to register as a CEO or an MC Club President. They can be completed with only 2 players, unlike the basic heists that need 4 players. There are 3 acts in the Doomsday heist:

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Act 1, The Data Breaches

Description: Infiltrate the IAA base and reach the lower enemies taking out all the enemies to take control of the Base turrents and stop the attack on the facility

Setup Cost:$ 65,000

Rewards: $650,000(Normal), $812,000(Hard)

Elite Challenge: Complete Finale under 5:30 minutes, Nobody dies, get 78 kills


Preps need to be completed before the setups. These preps are completed in free mode. They can be completed by stealing equipment form other players, paying a fee for the equipment or completing the missions given below:

Ambulance- Steal an ambulance from the marked area. Take out the security guards, lose the heat and bring the ambulance back to the facility

Deluxo– Go to the mansion in Vinewood, take out the guards, steal the Deluxos, respray it and bring it back to the facility.

Akula- Go to fort Zancudo, download the flight plans after infilrating the control tower after which the players proceed to steal an Akula Helicopter, lose the cops and bring it back to the facility

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained
Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained 2


Dead Courier- The players have to split into 2 teams. The paramedic team, dresses up as paramedics, uses the stolen ambulance to infiltrate the coroner’s office, find an FIB stick from a dead agent, use it to download data from a laptop exposing their cover. After this the players must escape and lose their wanted level. The recovery team has to go to El Burro Heights, eliminate enemies to steal the agent’s Savage helicopter, collect the paramedics team and return back to the facility after losing the wanted level

Signal Intercepts- the players have to use 4 Deluxos prepped and ready for them to get close to targeted vehicles and hack their databases using the Securoserv Hack App on their phones. For this they need to remain close to the Target vehicles and destroy them once the hack is complete. If the vehicles are destroyed before the hack is complete, the player fail the mission. The first set of vehicles are Stockades. the second set of targeted vehicles are Police boats for which the player can use the Hoover Mode of the Deluxos to navigate above the Waterways. The third target is a plane taking of from the LS Airport for which the players can use the flight mode to fly close to the plane to hack it. The players must then defeat the enemies and lose their wanted level and return back to the Facility.

Server Farm- The players must get into the Akula and land on top of the NOOSE server farm and then continue to the parking lot without alerting any guards or cameras. The crew must then silently take out the head of security marked on the map and steal the access codes from him. the players must then fight their way to the bottom floor of the server farm, play the hack minigame to hack the servers. At this point, heavy reinforcements arrive. the players must fight their way through and escape the server farm.


The finale features Lester and the players meeting up with Avon where Avon tells them that his AI Clifford has analyzed the data. The crew is then instructed to go to the IAA base. the players must then fight the IAA Agents, reaching the lower level of the base and then eliminate the enemies who are trying to hack the servers. The players must then take control of the turrets. the remaining enemies can be taken out using these turrets. After this, the players return to the facility where Bogdan tells them that the person responsible for the Attack was a Russian named Bogdan. Nobody believes this but Avon shows the data tracked by Clifford. He then tells the players that he will contact them and they should stay low and leaves

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained
Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained 3

Act 2, The Bogdan Problem

Description: Infiltrate Bogdan’s submarine off the coast and kill Bogdan

Setup Cost:$ 95,000

Rewards: $950,000(normal),$1,187,500(hard)

Elite Challenge: Complete Finale under 15:00 minutes, Nobody dies, vehicle damage less than 5%


Keycards- Steal a police riot van form NOOSE, lose the cops and bring it back to the facility

ULP Intel- Go to an apartment in the city, take out the enemies, find a duffel bag containing the location of Agent ULP and return to the facility

Riot Van- Go to a mass gathering area, throw in tear gas to start a riot, lure the riot guards, kill them, steal their Riot van and return to the facility

Stormbergs- Identify 4 correct flatbed trucks from a bunch of flatbeds, steal the right ones and bring it back to the facility

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained
Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained 4


Avenger- The crew is instructed to go to a hangar at LSIA where they must steal the Avenger aircraft. Upon entering, the lights go off and the players discover that it is an ambush. The players must eliminate the enemies using night vision goggles, turn the power on using backup generators and bring the Avenger back to the facility

Rescue ULP- The team gather intel that ULP is kept hostage at the Steel Banks Foundry. The players then split into two teams. The lookout team gives cover by killing enemies from a vantage point. The ground team must work their way through the foundry, find ULP, and rescue him after eliminating all the enemies. After this , both teams must escape using a nightshark, insurgent or any of their personal vehicles. After losing the enemies, the players must deliver ULP to the McKenzie fields hangar after which the setup is completed.

Salvage Drives- the players must use a riot van to extinguish fires across the city in various spots and recover Avon’s hard drives from the fires. The players can split into 2 teams. One team controls the riot van while the other team salvages the Hard drives. The players must expect heavy resistance during the course of the setup

Submarine Recon- The players are instructed to get into Stormbergs to destroy Bogdan’s convoy. After this the players must split into two teams One team scans the wreckage of a spy plane after destroying sea mines around it. The other team scans the submarine for vulnerable points around it. This team must too destroy Sea mines around the Submarine


The players must once again split into 2 teams. The air team gets into the Avenger Aircraft and gives cover from the sky while the submarine team uses a Stromberg to infiltrate the submarine. the Submarine team fight off enemy agents to eventually find Bogdan. However, before they are about to kill him, Bogdan, at gunpoint states that he is actually after Clifford, Avon’s AI and that Avon actually has a plan to destroy everyone and take over the world. At this point, Avon speaks through the Radio and reveals himself and his intentions. HE also says that the submarine is programmed to self destruct and sends his huge army to go after the players. The air team must destroy the support, pick the submarine team and head back safely to the Devin Weston Hangar at LSIA. Here, they meet with Lester, Agent 14 and Agent Patricia. All are angered by the incidents and now it is Lester and the player’s responsibility to eliminate Avon and save the world.

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained
Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained 5

Act 3, The Doomsday Scenario

Description: Infiltrate Bogdan’s submarine off the coast and kill Bogdan

Setup Cost:$ 120,000

Rewards: $1,200,000(normal),$1,500,000(hard)

Elite Challenge: Complete Finale under 30:00 minutes, Nobody dies, no hacks failed, 150 headshots


Marked Cash- The players must steal a duffel bag from the FIB to rescue Agent 14 before he is sold off to Avon. The players must then lose the cops and return this bag to the Facility

Recon- The players must go to the Shipyard where Merryweather is making the deal. The players must photograph various entry points and return to Lester

Chernoborg- The Crew must go to a Merrywether Training Camp, eliminate the enemies and bring the Chernoborg safely back to the facility

Flight Path- the players must tail an arms dealer quietly, till he gets to a safe location, where they must kill him and get the briefcase back to the facility

Test Intel- The players must go to a marked location, take out the enemies silently, find a lockbox containing a laptop and return to the facility with it

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained
Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained 6


Rescue Agent 14- The players have to go down to the Docks where they make a deal with Merryweather to rescue Agent 14. However, halfway there, they get to know that the deal went wrong and the players must now use force. The players have to then take out the Merryweather guards from the outside. after this they must go to the north side of the docks to rescue Agent 14. At this point, 2 juggernauts appear who the players must fight along with dozens of reinforcements coming in on choppers and SUVs. They must then escort agent 14, use the Akulas sent for backup, fly low and drop him off at the drop off point in the Desert.

Escort ULP- the players must fight off Avon’s reinforcements who have taken over the Chernoborg missile launcher. After taking over the Chernoborg, the players must fight their way through to reach Grand Senora Desert at which point they lose the enemies and the setup is completed

Barrage- A weaponized ATV is being transported using an air convoy. The players are tasked to take down the Air Convoy using the Heavy Sniper MK II given to them loaded with explosive bullets. The players, after destroying the convoy, must retrieve the Barrage which falls down and drop it off at a location in Grapeseed.

Khanjali- The players go to the Thomspson Scrapyard which is believed to be the location where the Khanjali Tank is stored. The players must steal the Khanjali and take it back to Fort Zancudo


The players are instructed to either use the Barrage or the Khanjali Tank. The crew must proceed to the Mount Chilliad secret Tunnel. Once inside, the players must try and reach the end of the tunnel while fighting Avon’s army. the players must now leave the vehicle and continue on foot. Here they must destroy Avon’s supply boxes while also fighting off Juggernauts. The door is locked and Lester tricks the AI to get it to open the door that helps the player progress further. They then reach inside the control room where the players are given a 20- minute time limit within which they must hack 4 control boxes while fighting off endless waves of enemies. The players then proceed to the upper floor where they destroy 4 Brickade trucks which are actually Avon’s cloud servers. At this point, Clifford. Avon’s AI is destroyed. The crew is then instructed to go to the Silos where Avon is hiding out. Avon tries to escape on a Thruster Jetpack. The players must shoot him down after which the ending cutscene plays where everyone thank the players for saving the world.

Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained
Doomsday Heist In GTA Online Explained 7

These were the different acts of the Doomsday Heist. This over the top sequence of the heist introduces a fun and exciting way to earn large payouts which the player can then spend on the various opportunities throughout GTA Online

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