“If I see him, I swear, I’m gonna get him,” this time the beef is real between Drakkar Klose and Jeremy Stephens

Drakkar Klose speaks out on his injury and beef with Jeremy Stephens.

Drakkar Klose Jeremy Stephens
Drakkar Klose and Jeremy Stephens

Drakkar Klose is certainly not happy with the way things out with Jeremy Stephens during the stare down at UFC Vegas 24, and he revealed that he did not have anything against Jeremy Stephens before but now the beef is real, and he will get him next time he sees him.

Jeremy Stephens pushed Drakkar Klose
Jeremy Stephens pushed Drakkar Klose

After the official weigh-ins Klose and Stephens, were scheduled in a face off, and Stephens pushed Klose off which caused a concussion and a cervical sprain off the neck, and he had to pull out from the fight.

Klose said that he didn’t had anything about Stephens before the fight, but now the beef is real, “I didn’t say anything to him. Maybe he listened to some of my interviews leading up to the fight and he got mad about that. But other than that, when we faced off, I was quiet. I was in there, ready to do these face-offs and fight the next day. I think he thought it was Bellator since they compete on Friday. Wrong promotion, I think he thought he was in Bellator.”

Klose added, “But I was pissed off, man. That was a big opportunity to go in there and beat him up in a co-main event. And for people to think that I really wasn’t injured, that pisses me off. I kind of want to get street justice on him. If I see him, I swear, I’m gonna get him.”

“I have a herniated disc, so I’m just dealing with that now,” Drakkar Klose reveals the injury that he sustained after the event

Drakkar Klose
Drakkar Klose

Speaking to What the Heck of MMA Fighting, Klose said, “I’m doing a lot better. My headaches stopped on Thursday leading into the weekend. That was my biggest concern was the headaches. They were pretty bad. Then I got an MRI on my neck, and I guess I have a herniated disc, so I’m just dealing with that now.”

Klose continued, “I didn’t have headaches after I got knocked out by Beneil [Dariush]. I think, doing that weight cut, I only had like 10 ounces of water in me before we did the staredown, and I was still dehydrated. It’s just crazy how that whiplash can do that to you.”

“It’s been a lot of hate,” Klose explained. “A lot of hate, but a lot of people have been telling me their situations, and their problems with neck injuries and stuff like that. I’m just glad I didn’t step in that cage that night. One punch, it could’ve changed my life. Dealing with your brain, you only get one brain and you have to be smart. I’m just glad I had the right people around me and I didn’t fight.”

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