“We’re not treated as human”: NBA player Draymond Green reacts to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict in George Floyd’s trial

Draymond Green speaks up after Derek Chauvin declared guilty

draymond green on racism

The NBA league was one of the most pro-active one during the racial discrimination outburst in America. The players staged protests and participated in numerous demonstration appealing to end the racism. Draymond Green was one such active participant who condemned the prevalence of racism in the States. After the George Floyd case, the court presented the verdict of 75 years of rigorous imprisonment to the accused Derek Chauvin. Draymond Green has now recently reacted to the judgement while coming in support of the decision.

NBA star Draymond Green has said that “it was really great” to see killer cop Derek being guilty in the case. Derek Chauvin allegedly killed George Floyd just on the basis of racism while gasping him to death under his knee. Derek was found guilty of all three charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the case. However, the NBA stars portrayed that it is a far wider spread prejudice. Draymond Green recently reacted to the decision while a lot of players expressed it out on social media.

NBA against racism

Draymond Green recently said to the TMZ, “I think it’s great that we finally saw a cop get tried. The challenge to the country now is to make sure [police officers are] being held accountable. I think [the way police treat ethnic minorities] is a totally different story. When you look at the way these officers treat black people, we’re not treated as human.”

While the case proves to be a major turnaround in America’s racial prejudice, Draymond Green said there is still a lot to grow. He said, “We’re treated as a threat by our skin color, a long way away from equality. Green’s team, the Golden State Warriors, also released a statement on the verdict, stating that it was “encouraged” by the jury in Minneapolis “moving quickly to impose accountability where it is so often missing”. The Warriors then echoed Green’s sentiments by calling the judgement “only the beginning” in “an effort to achieve racial justice in America. Today was a step in the right direction but the long journey must continue,” they concluded.

The Sports federation including NBA was overjoyed with the decision putting end to a prolonged oppression by the white supremacy. NBA was too proud of this moment and veteran players came in support of this decision.

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