Draymond Green has no filters; Reacts to Andre Drummond’s trade situation with Cleveland Cavaliers

Draymond Green rather unfiltered reaction after win against Cavs

Draymond Green and Andre Drummond
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Draymond Green and Andre Drummond

The Golden State Warriors may have just found their touch back into the game. They crusaded Cleveland Cavaliers with a 31-point victory. This led to a much needed victory for the team. Facing a lot of criticisms over the last season, Dubs have finally found the winning momentum just at the right time. However, Draymond Green blasted off addressing the treatment of players. He was unhappy with disparity of opinions and treatment of players by the franchises.

The game turned out to be a one sided affair pretty early. Stephen Curry made a highlight real play making Cedi Osman dance to his tune. His exceptional ball handles left Cedi scrambling for defense as he nailed an elbow jumper. The game did not have much for the Cavs in it. But the drama was yet to start. Draymond Green was furious at the sight of a possible trade and treatment of Andre Drummond. He ranted unfiltered expressing his opinion over the same.

Draymond Green takes NBA critically calling disparity to end regarding Andre Drummond’s trade

Draymond was very upset at Andre Drummond’s current situation during the post-game press conference. He was seen bursting out drawing contrast between Andre’s trade situation with that of James Harden. He pointed out how James Harden was criticized for demanding a trade while Drummond situation with the Cavs has been completely different. “To watch Andre Drummond before the game sit on the side-lines and then go to the back and then come out in street clothes because the team is going to trade him is bulls**t. Because when James Harden asked for a trade and essentially dogged it… but he was castrated for wanting to go to a different team and everybody destroyed that man.” 

Andre Drummond’s trade request has not been publicly shattered by the Cleveland Cavaliers. But the disparity is intolerable. No player should be exploited the way trade requesting players are. Green was critical at the present situation. And emphasized equal treatment of players as a whole.

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