“F*ck anybody that think differently”: Draymond Green does not care what critics think

Draymond Green hits out at his critics big time

Draymond Green

Draymond Green seems to have taken on the NBA. The Golden State Warriors power forward has made bold statements against his legacy. During an interview, Draymond Green stated that he is “best defender to ever play in the NBA”. His tag has allowed a lot of people to make controversial statements about the former DPOY. A lot of players came in support of the veteran while A lot more do not seem to agree with Draymond Green.

The Golden State Warriors have been a dormant team this season. After a slow start, Steph Curry was their main scorer. Curry helped the team cope up with the league while dragging them into playoff at same time. But now that he is injured, a lot is to ask from veteran Draymond Green. Despite so many criticisms, Green fees he is the best defender in the NBA ever. He also feels that the critics have no role in his life. He recently stated in his Instagram story that, “F*ck anybody that think differently.”

Draymond Green vocal hitting out at his critics

The Warriors #23 made it very clear that he was least concerned about the haters. He said in one of his Instagram stories that LeBron James was too shy to call himself a great player for a long time. Now that he has revealed it, he is playing like the greatest ever. In the later video, Draymond explains why he is the best. He feels it is the mind-set of the individual that makes them great. Draymond has been following the mantra for a lot of years now.

The major highlight that Draymond Green’s story portray is that he is not bothered. He is not shy in front of anyone to be tagged as the best. A lot of players including Tony Allen were not pleased with his statements. According to Tony, Draymond was not worth being attached with the accolade.

A fan tweeted “You got them BIG mad today.” Dray retaliated that there was no lie in his statements. Despite GSW’s position, the veteran adds a lot of drama to his legacy. Only a matter of time to see if Dray can make the magic for Warriors.

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