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DrDisrespect responds to Harley’s Fight Offer from the Creator Clash

DrDisrespect responds to Epic meal Time's Harley's Fight Offer after he made it on May 14th right as he won his fight against Arin Hanson

The two timer, DrDisrespect is no stranger to fight offers from people in the streaming industry. He’s received multiple offers in the past from TimTheTatman, Tyler1, and NICKMERCS to name a few.

In his latest stream, the Doc responded to the latest callout that was targeted at him by none other than Harley from Epic Meal Time after he won his match at the Creator Clash.

DrDisrespect responds to Harley’s fight offer

DrDisrespect, known for being one of the best players on the Call of Duty servers who was also in the spotlight due to his mysterious permanent ban from twitch, has been a target for fight offers for the longest time ever since influencer boxing became a thing.

Even though there have been offers by other major creators directed towards the two-time, they were mostly directed towards him in a jokey way and it was never serious.


This time around however, the doc was called out in a much more serious manner by none other than Epic Meal Time’s Harley. The challenge came when he won the fight against Arin Hanson of Game Grumps.

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After winning the fight, Harley congratulated his opponent just for having the guts to step into the ring with him and called him a winner for that but then quickly moved his attention towards none other than DrDisrespect himself.

“I want to say another thing. This wasn’t about me, this is for a good cause, that’s why I did it. However, I only used about 20% of my ability, and I would like to exercise the remaining 80%. I want to fight someone bigger, I want them to know it’s going down. The Doc – I’m talking to YOU!”

Harley winning at the Creator Clash

He went on to say “I’m six foot six. You think you’re tall, you think you’re the Two-Time. This isn’t a game, boy. Let me tell you something – that bulletproof vest you wear isn’t gonna stop those guns.”

The head of the Champions Club was seen streaming on 18th May when people in his chat started asking him questions about the fight callout that Harley had made when he won his match at the Creator Clash and the doc finally responded

 DrDisrespect said “How many times do we have to talk about this? It’s the same thing when you guys say, ‘Timmy is calling you out, you should box Timmy in the ring.’

He went on to say “Do we not understand the difference in athletic ability – in terms of footwork, hand-eye coordination, and speed?”

DrDisrespect responds to Harley calling him out for a fight

Though this might not be a clear yes or no, there is one thing for sure, the Doc always backs himself up against an opponent of a similiar size as his.

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