Duelists In Valorant Explained

There are a wide array of duelists in Valorant. This article explores their abilities, advantages and playstyle of each duelist to help pick out the ones that stand out

Duelists In Valorant Explained

In a team based shooter like Valorant, it is important that players play the roles they are good at and pick their character or agent accordingly. It would be a waste of potential for a star fragger to pick an initiator. Duelists, are the prime roles in a good Valorant team. There are 5 duelists in Valorant. In this article, we will be going through all of them. This is Duelists in Valorant explained :

Duelists In Valorant Explained
Duelists In Valorant Explained 7

Duelists In Valorant Explained


Duelists In Valorant Explained
Duelists In Valorant Explained 8

Nationality : South Korean

Basic ability 1: Cloud burst – Launch a ball of smoke blocking off the enemy’s vision 

Basic ability 2: Updraft – thrust yourself into the air 

Signature ability: Tailwind – quickly dash into the direction you are facing

Ultimate ability: Bladestrom – equip high damage blades with high accuracy that restock on each kill

Jett is not only one of the most popular duelists but is the most popular agent in valorant. Her abilities are filled with hype and all Jett players are usually the superstars of the team. Her abilities pave way for Jett to gain the edge by the art of movement. 

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Duelists In Valorant Explained
Duelists In Valorant Explained 9

Nationality: British

Basic ability 1: Blaze- Casts a flame wall blocking vision and dealing damage to enemies and teammates while healing himself 

Basic ability 2: curveball- Sets a flash blinding enemies who see it going off

Signature ability: Hot hands- Casts a throwable fireball that lands and deals damage to anyone who stands in it except for himself who it heals

Ultimate ability: Run it Back- Sets a mark on the activated spot where he respawns with full health if the ability expires or is killed when the ability is active

This British duelist is all about the heat. His quick flashbangs, versatile firewalls and fire-ball like molotovs make for some impactful gameplay. As an added plus, he can heal using his firewalls or molotovs


Duelists In Valorant Explained
Duelists In Valorant Explained 10

Nationality: Brazilian

Basic ability 1: Boom Bot- Launch an explosive bot that locks on to enemies when it sees them, causing high damage if not destroyed. It travels in a straight line and bounces off walls

Basic ability 2: Blast Pack- Set a satchel charge that launches any player, enemy or utility on it when it goes off, a few feet up in the air

Signature ability: Paint Shells- Throwable explosive grenades which on impact, then again launch smaller cluster grenades

Ultimate ability: Showstopper- Equip a high damage explosive RPG with high destructible capabilities but also a limited time to use

Raze is a Brazilian duelist who is all about explosiveness. Her Blast Packs can be used in creative ways to get a positional higher ground or significantly faster movement which the opposition doesn’t expect. Her paint shells and boom bots can be used to slow down rushes or flush out enemies hiding in corners


Duelists In Valorant Explained
Duelists In Valorant Explained 11

Nationality: Mexico

Basic ability 1: Leer- Sets out an eye that near-sights the opposition who come in contact with it. It disappears after 2 seconds or if destroyed

Basic ability 2: Devour- Absorb the soul orb of enemies, who you killed or assisted to gain a health regeneration

Signature ability: Dismiss- Absorb the soul orb of enemies, who you killed or assisted to become invincible for a short time

Ultimate Ability: Empress- Gain increased fire rate, reload speed, draw speed and weapon pickup speed. Both the soul harvest abilities are infinite and the ultimate is recharged with every kill. It runs out after 30 seconds if no one is killed

Reyna is a reaper that harvests her opponents’ souls to make herself stronger. Her healing abilities can be useful in pistol or eco rounds and her dismiss can be useful while fighting more than one opponent at the same time. Her ultimate can also be really helpful in winning critical rounds


Duelists In Valorant Explained
Duelists In Valorant Explained 12

Nationality: Japanese

Basic ability 1: Fakeout- Send a pair of fake footsteps triggering traps and other utility

Basic ability 2: Blindside- Send a flashbang that bounces off walls and blinds enemies that directly look at it

Signature ability: Gatecrash- Send out an orb and place it at a spot and use it to teleport when needed. It has a 30 second window before becoming inactive

Ultimate: Dimensional Rift- Become invisible and intangible to enemies when equipped. Weapons cannot be used when the ability is active

Yoru uses his dimensional abilities to gain a positional edge over his opponents. He can easily infiltrate enemy lines by entering the site without even getting spotted. He is also used to gain information for efficient play by the rest of the team.

These were the different Duelists featured in Valorant. They are most efficient if used in the entry fragging role and in the hands of a star fragger as their quick and fast paced abilities help gain an entry into a site and/or get quick entry frags. They are also used to pass on information making the Duelist role a very important one

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