Dustin Poirier says he would rather face Khabib than McGregor in a rematch



Poirier has outlined the reason as to why he would prefer khabib over Mcgregor in a rematch.

In Their first ever meeting, Poirier was TKO’ed by McGregor in the first round at UFC 178 in 2014. This was seen as one of the biggest victory for McGregor as a part of the legacy that he created for himself later on in the UFC.

Poirier on the other hand, used this defeat as an opportunity claiming that the loss to McGregor made him evolve as a fighter and a man.

“It definitely started happening after the Conor McGregor loss”, he told ESPN about his evolution as a fighter and emergence as one of the UFC’s good guys, That was the start of it. It’s been a long process, being a father, losing again, winning some and losing again and winning another one. It’s just a long evolution of stop caring about the noise and stuff that doesn’t matter. A lot of times in my younger career, I felt like it was life or death. Every comment on instagram and twitter, every journalist who said  something, I felt like everybody was against me. I felt like if I lost I would be written off, it’s the end of my career. I’m a bum if I lose this fight”.

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“And then you lose a few times and you’re like, ‘Oh sh*t, I can still put this back together. Oh man, I’m still providing for my family. I’m still loving what I do.’ It’s like you’ve been bent but not broken a lot of times. I feel like it made me stronger and it made me the man I am today, I’m happy. I’m genuinely happy.”

Poirier has improved immeasurably since that loss to McGregor in 2014, recording some impressive wins, even a shot at the lightweight title where he fell victim to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi.

Poirier said he would choose his rematch fight against Khabib rather than McGregor not because the title shot but for building and adding to his legacy.

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Claiming that khabib is still unbeaten, Poirier said that he would love to be the man to beat him for the first time in career. He also mentioned that he is not a man who believes in grudges or  revenge matches but rather is a grown man who would like to create a legacy for himself and beating someone like Khabib was definitely going to help.

Poirier claimed that he is not much concerned about his records or win loose ratios, has learned his lessons and keeps moving forward and the reason to fight Khabib over McGregor is purely based on the undisputed and undefeated tag of the former.

Poirier himself boasts a record of  26-6 and has an impressive 12 wins via knockout.

McGregor has since responded to Poiriers claim that he would rather face Khabib than him and has stated that the choice obvious given the nature of the defeat that was inflicted onto him by the Irishman at UFC 178 in 2014.

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