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Emiliano Martinez’s journey to FA-Cup final

It has not been a perfect journey for Emiliano Martinez since he started his footballing career. Emiliano has been at Arsenal for almost 10 years now. Martinez got his chance to shine for Arsenal in a FA-Cup semifinal against Manchester City. When the full time whistle went off  Martinez, dropped to the ground in his penalty area. As his team-mates celebrated in the centre circle, Martinez briefly went through many emotion thoughts in his mind. The sacrifice he had made , the hard work , the patience all had finally paid off.

In a post-Match Interview Martinez said, “I was emotional. Not because we beat City .but more because of how much I have been fighting to play in a final with the club I love. I was delighted, for what I have been through. Obviously you have to deal with frustration and lack of game-time, but I always believed that I could do it, and I had done it – but I still think that’s not enough. Obviously you need to beat Chelsea to complete what you have been fighting for. I have been fighting 10 years to win trophies, not just to reach a final.”

Youth experience

Martinez was signed by Arsenal scout for £1.1 million ($1.5m). He was 16 years old at that time and leaving home was a very tough task. Martinez recalled his experience by saying, “I was scared. When I was on the plane, I said to my agent, “I am only going to trial and see what happens. I am not going to stay. In my mind, there was no way I was going to leave my family. It was not a poor, poor background but my family struggled a lot in financial terms.”

“I arrived back in Argentina and a week after I had the offer from Arsenal. They called my agent and my family and I thought it was all about signing a new contract for my club in Argentina because they wanted to offer me one at the time, but it was actually to sign for Arsenal.I saw my brother and mum cry, saying, ‘Please don’t go’, but I had also seen my dad crying late at night because he could not pay the bills. So I had to be brave at the time, because I said “yes” for them. Now I don’t regret anything. I have a wife and a kid here and I have a future in London.” Added Emiliano Martinez.

Martinez  has held on this opportunity since Bernd Leno was injured. Despite Leno is back in training Arteta has confirmed that Martinez will start for Arsenal. Emiliano Martinez is the best example of how hard work and patience pays off in the end.

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