Empowering Indian Sports Administrators will take India to next level: Abhinav Bindra


A special program designed for Indian Sports administrators is conducted by the ELMS Sports Foundation and the organization of Olympic Gold Medalist Abhinav Bindra. He speaks about the course and how this will help Indian Sports administrators. Bindra also gave insights on how Indian sports administrators will lead the change in transforming Indian Sports.

“We have been trying to contribute to the development of Indian sport and to really work on the ecosystem that surrounds the Indian sport. And of course, the administration is a critical element going forward if we want to take sports to the next level in this country. We need people associated with sports organizations to be leaders so that they can be best supported to take various organizations to the next level” said Abhinav in an interview with Hindustan Times.

“We have designed and curated a course very centric to India which is very important to contextualize any course that happens to a particular environment. That is what we are trying to achieve. We have a faculty from all across the world, especially from Loughborough University, which has been ranked the no. 1 for the past few years, in regards to sports. They have worked tremendously for the British Olympics team as well. The basic idea is to start this program for our administrators in an attempt to empower them with knowledge and get them up to speed to the global best practices,” the star shooter added.

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According to Bindra, the government has supported athletes through their schemes, now it’s a time for institutes to strengthen for the Olympic games. For this Bindra stated about their first module, which will be of five pillars i.e Organizational development, Emotional intelligence in leadership, Talent ID and development, Strategy to Delivery, and STEAM Team.

“The first module of this course will be based on five pillars. The first pillar will be sports organizational development. The second one will be emotional intelligence in leadership, which is very critical. When you are dealing with athletes, who are particularly sensitive human beings, and there is a particular way on how to lead them and how to deal with them. The third pillar is what we are working on is talent ID and development because going forward, if we have to match our aspirations for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, we obviously have to adapt the right talent for it, scientifically, and chart a course to nurture that talent from start to the end goal.

The fourth pillar is what we are trying to work on is Strategy to Delivery. We always have plans, and schemes and learnings. The real proof is in the pudding, which is to implement and deliver on the plans in your organization. We are working on the strategies to help leaders and administrators to implement the plans on various aspects of athlete preparation and competition. Also creating coach development structures for their performance management.” Bindra said.

”The last pillar is what we are involving in this program is STEAM sport – STEAM team stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Analytics, and Medicine. These are elements that are critical in Olympic preparation and used by all Olympic powerhouses. It is 1 percent of sports that makes the difference between being good and great, and it really gives an understanding and critical evaluation of the applicant’s ability for Science, Technology, Engineering, Analytics, and Medicine in Olympic sports performance,” Bindra further explained.

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