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Top 5 Best Features Of Free Fire OB34 Update

Garena is about to introduce the new Free Fire OB34 update in the game. Here we will take a look at the top 5 best features of Free Fire OB34 update.

Free Fire OB34 Update

Free Fire MAX is among the most popular title in the mobile battle royale genre with millions of downloads on the Google Play Store. Here in this article, we will take a look at the top 5 best features in Free Fire OB34 update.


The upcoming Ob34 patch update is right around the corner introducing new features and more. The OB34 advance server is closed and there is only one more day left for the patch update in the game. New features like weapons, new characters, pets, game modes, and more. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best features in the upcoming Free Fire OB34 update.

5 Best Features Of Free Fire OB34 Update

5. Ranked Bomb Squad Mode

Bomb Squad Mode

The bomb squad mode is previously introduced in the game where two teams fight in a 5v5 map. The teams of five players will have to battle against each other to win the rounds. In the upcoming OB34 patch update players can also opt for the ranked mode of the Bomb Squad game mode. Other than this two new maps will also be introduced in this mode i.e. El Pastelo and Stonescape.


4. New Weapons: M24 & G36

New Weapons In Free Fire MAX

There will be a new set of weapons available after the OB34 patch update as well. The new weapons will include G36 and M24 with a new animation for M500 as well. G36 will be introduced in the AR rifles section whereas, M24 will be introduced in the Sniper rifles section.

3. New Pet: Finn

Garena introduces new pets in the game with unique abilities for players in every major OB patch update. Finn is a new pet introduced in the OB34 advance server. The pet has a special ability called ‘Dash Splash‘ it provides the owner and teammates with a 4% movement speed boost when a player is knocked down or eliminated within a 20-meter radius.

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2. New Features In Craftland Mode

OB34 Patch Updates

The upcoming OB34 patch update will introduce new features in the Craftland mode Garena will be adding five types of zombies in the Craftland mode with an interactable tower. Other than this a new Isle of Champs a new mini-map will be introduced to this mode as well.

1. New Character

There is a new character introduced in the advance server of the upcoming OB34 update. The unique ability of the upcoming character is named as ‘Sense Shockwave‘ this ability will release a drone towards the nearest enemy within a 100-meter frontal range. It will also create a 5-meter diameter pulse explosion which reduces the movement speed by 50% and firing speed by 35%.

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