Sykkuno tells why a “very wonderful” message from a Twitch fan made him feel horrible.

Sykkuno tells why a
Sykkuno tells why a "very wonderful" message from a Twitch fan made him feel horrible.

After reading a “very lovely” letter from a fan, Sykkuno informed viewers that instead of making him feel good, it left him sad and puzzled, and he explained why.

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On December 28, during his live, Sykkuno mentioned that he’d received a “very sweet” letter from a fan thanking him for streaming when they were confined.

They said they would not have been able to make it without him. Their Twitch username was also mentioned by the fan.

Sykkuno, on the other hand, admits that his curiosity got the best of him. He dug into their Twitch history and was disappointed and perplexed by what he saw.

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Sykkuno was happy while reading the letter

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Sykkuno tells why a "very wonderful" message from a Twitch fan made him feel horrible. 2

“I opened a letter from a random fan, and they left their Twitch name in it,” he said. “They wrote a really nice message.” 

“I probably shouldn’t have done this. But do you know how you can check the history of a user on Twitch? And they didn’t follow me anymore.”

He did admit that he felt “a little bad” because they went to all the trouble of sending him a “super nice letter” saying he made a significant difference, only to stop following him briefly after. Sykkuno confessed that now that some time has gone, he doesn’t feel as horrible about it. It does, however, hurt a bit.

It does makes sense why the fellow streamer was sad. This might be a worry for most streamers as they have a need to be connected to their fan base. While many fans come and go in the time span of years, maybe due to the change in priotires or life styles. Its honestly quite gut renching that streamers losing their fans who put in efforts.

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