Baldur Gate 3: How to turn off Karmic Dice?

Karmic Dice can lead to frustration for players.

Baldur Gate 3: How to turn off Karmic Dice?

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The highly anticipated RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 has taken the gaming world by storm with its immersive world and deep gameplay mechanics. One of the key elements that adds a unique twist to decision-making in the game is the Karmic Dice. However, for players seeking a different experience or looking to minimize the element of chance, there’s a way to turn off the Karmic Dice. This guide will walk you through the steps to disable this feature and discuss the implications of doing so.


Before diving into how to deactivate the Karmic Dice, it’s essential to understand its role. The Karmic Dice is an integral part of Baldur’s Gate 3’s gameplay mechanics. It’s a representation of chance and randomness. Players must roll the dice to meet or exceed a specific value to determine the outcome of their actions. This mechanic introduces an element of unpredictability and excitement. However, it can also lead to frustration when luck doesn’t favor the player.

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Turning off Karmic Dice in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur Gate 3: How to turn off Karmic Dice?
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If you find yourself frustrated by the randomness of the Karmic Dice or if you’re aiming for a more strategic approach, you can opt to turn off this feature. Here’s how:

  1. Access the Settings: Launch Baldur’s Gate 3 and navigate to the main menu.
  2. Locate the Options: Look for the “Options” or “Settings” menu within the main menu screen.
  3. Find the Karmic Dice Toggle: Once in the Options menu, search for a toggle related to the Karmic Dice. This option might be labeled “Karmic Dice,” “Randomness,” or something similar.
  4. Deactivate the Karmic Dice: Toggle the option to “Off” or uncheck the checkbox associated with the Karmic Dice functionality.
  5. Confirm the Changes: After disabling the Karmic Dice, ensure that you save the changes before exiting the Options menu.

Disabling the Karmic Dice in Baldur’s Gate 3 fundamentally alters the gameplay experience. According the Larian Studios, the overall randomness of the game remains intact. However, you won’t have to rely on dice rolls for determining outcomes. This approach can be particularly helpful for players who prefer a more deterministic approach, aiming to strategize and make decisions based on character abilities, stats, and other factors without the influence of chance.

However, by turning off the Karmic Dice, you might miss out on some of the unpredictability and excitement that this feature brings to the game. The choice to disable the Karmic Dice essentially removes an integral part of the game’s design, potentially altering the pacing and tension of certain encounters and decisions.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players the option to tailor their experience by allowing them to turn off the Karmic Dice. Whether you seek a more calculated and strategic approach or wish to minimize the element of chance, this guide has provided you with the steps to deactivate the Karmic Dice and the implications of doing so.

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