Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to control the recoil of Beryl M762 in BGMI?

Here are few tips and tricks on how to control the recoil of Beryl M762.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to control the recoil of Beryl M762 in BGMI?

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a mobile game by Krafton. After being banned for almost a year, the game is again available to fans. BGMI has many kinds of guns, like assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Players can find guns all over the map. BGMI has lots of different guns, each with its own strong and weak points. Players need to pick the right gun for the situation to do well in the game.

Among the different guns you can use, the Beryl M762 stands out as a powerful choice because it does a lot of damage. But it’s challenging to use because it kicks a lot, making it hard to aim accurately. But don’t worry! In this article, here are a few easy and helpful tips to control the Beryl M762’s recoil in BGMI.


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How to Control the Recoil of Beryl M762 in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to control the recoil of Beryl M762 in BGMI?
1. Understanding the Recoil Pattern

To control the strong kick of the Beryl M762, go to the training grounds in BGMI. Shoot the gun at a wall for a while to understand how it moves when you fire it. The kick makes the crosshair move when you keep shooting, so learning the pattern will help you know how to handle it in actual battles.

2. Burst Fire and Single Shot Mode

When shooting enemies far away, use the Beryl M762 in single-shot mode. This way, the recoil will be less, and it will be easier to aim accurately and hit distant foes precisely. On the other hand, in close to medium-range battles, switch to full-auto or burst fire mode for more damage, even though the recoil will be harder to control.

3. Sensitivity Settings

Changing the Camera Sensitivity and ADS Sensitivity can really affect how well you can handle the recoil. Try different sensitivity levels to see what feels right for you. If you’re new, stick with the default settings at first, and as you get more used to the gun, you can gradually adjust the sensitivity.

4. The Crouching Technique

In medium-range fights, crouch while shooting the Beryl M762. Crouching makes the gun steadier, so it kicks less, and you can shoot more accurately. But don’t crouch in close-range fights because it slows you down, and enemies can shoot you more easily.

5. Practice

Getting good at handling the Beryl M762 recoil takes practice and patience. Play matches often, both in training and real battles, to get better. As you learn how the gun behaves, you’ll get better at controlling its recoil over time.


The Beryl M762 in Battlegrounds Mobile India is a really strong gun, but it kicks a lot, which can be hard to control. By following these easy tips, you can greatly improve your ability to control the recoil of this powerful assault rifle and boost your performance in the game. Since the game was re-released in the Indian markets in May 2023, Krafton has not yet come out with another version update. The upcoming update is expected to bring many changes to the gameplay and might add new maps and more features.

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