What are the best guns in XDefiant beta

Find out which guns you should use when you play XDefiant next time!

What are the best guns in XDefiant beta

Best guns XDefiant beta (Ubisoft)

XDefiant, the upcoming FPS game from Ubisoft, is now in beta testing and is set to release soon. The game has a variety of guns/rifles to choose, from long-range sniper rifles to close-range shotguns and SMGs. Besides the guns, X-Defiant features popular Ubisoft characters. It also has various Call of Duty-esque game modes, like Hardpoint and Domination.


When it comes to weaponry, XDefiant seems to take inspiration from its peers like COD and Battlefield. The game is a 6v6 multiplayer arcade shooter, so naturally, guns will be a big part of the game. Apart from that, players will also have abilities that will help them conquer their opponents. Keeping that in mind, selecting the right primary weapon can be a challenging decision, especially for players unfamiliar with the game’s arsenal. Nevertheless, XDefiant shows promise and is a game worth checking out for fans of the FPS genre.

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Best guns in XDefiant

Guns XDefiant

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Similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, XDefiant has different categories of guns to choose from. In XDefiant, players who are new to FPS can choose the gun they are most comfortable with and get good at it. In the case of veteran players who want to check out the game, they can also rely on this list to get a general idea of which weapons to choose from.

Light Machine guns (LMG) in XDefiant


One of the most powerful weapons in XDefiant is the RPK-74 LMG. This gun is basically an upgraded version of the AK-47 with superior firepower and a generous ammo capacity in its base magazine. This weapon is an excellent choice for players who want to be efficient in taking out enemies while guarding a capture point. But players need to be wary of its shaky recoil, besides that it is the top LMG currently in the game.


Call of Duty as well as CSGO fanatics will recognize this gun but for different reasons. In COD MW2, M249 is a beast of gun with enough bullets to down a squad of 6-7. But in CS: GO, players tend to avoid due to it being pricy and slow reload time. In XDefiant, M249 is a mix between both versions. The gun retains the ample ammunition but the reload time significantly less compared to the other two. But there’s a catch as the gun is quite heavy it slows down the movement a lot. XDefiant being a fast-paced shooter this gun will only suit select few game modes or factions. Players who like to hold down the fort like defending a hardpoint zone will find this gun handy.


Sub-Machine gun (SMGs)


In XDefiant, the MP7 is a strong competitor among SMGs. If you compare MP7 with other SMGs in the game like the Vector, it has larger ammo capacity and slightly better mobility, making it an excellent choice for players seeking an agile weapon. This weapon is for those speed daemons who prefer to run and gun over steady calculated game play. MP7 is best suited for game modes similar to domination.

Vector.45 ACP

Just like the MP7 is also an SMG class gun in XDefiant that offers fantastic close-range combat. Its high fire rate combined with decent damage makes it a formidable weapon up close. However, due to its limited range capabilities, it falls short of being the best SMG in the game. The Vector.45 ACP has similar usage to MP7 but with better fire rate which can help players in sticky situations.

Sniper Rifles

TAC-50 Best XDefiant Sniper

In XDefiant, the TAC-50 is the superior sniper rifle, excelling in long-range combat and quick scoping builds. Though not as versatile as some other weapons, it’s an excellent option for players looking to take out their enemies from afar. While mastering the weapon may take some time, it will be a great asset to players who prefer a more laid-back approach to the game. But fear not you can also use TAC-50 if you are moving a lot but getting the hang of that will need a lot of practice.


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Shotgun in XDefiant


If you’re looking for a shotgun in XDefiant, the best option currently available is the AA-12. It offers an ideal balance of mobility and base damage making it quite versatile. The AA-12 provides high rate of fire that is highly effective at clearing out rooms quickly. The AA-12 is especially useful on close-quarters maps, pair it with Echelon faction for best results.

Marksman Rifle


The SVD is the best marksman rifle in XDefiant. SVD is an excellent semi-automatic gun that can take down enemies quickly from range. Players can maximum use two shots to take down their enemies with this gun. But the biggest flaw of the gun is its lack of versatility up close. The SVD strikes a great balance between precision and long-range specialty, making it a top pick for both sniping and direct exchanges.

Assault Rifles


The M16A4 in XDefiant is a burst-fire assault rifle that offers high power and range, but at the cost of fire rate and mobility. Due to its lack of mobility and slow fire rate it can only come in handy in limited situations. Despite being a burst-fire weapon, the M16A4 has excellent potential and stability between bursts. This allows players to land shots at longer ranges. Additionally, the M16A4 boasts a higher damage per shot at 40 meters than any other assault rifle, hitting for 21 per shot.


ACR 6.8

Taking the second spot on the Assault Rifle list is ACR 6.8. It is a reliable and accurate gun with excellent recoil control and range. While it may not have the same firepower as the top weapon on this list, the ACR 6.8 is still one of the best options in XDefiant for players who prioritize accuracy and mobility. The ACR 6.8 strikes an excellent balance between damage, rate of fire, and range. Whether you prefer to engage in long-range battles or close-quarters combat, the ACR 6.8 is a strong contender. It is one of the best XDefiant guns currently.

M4A1 best XDefiant gun in beta

Ranking as the best XDefiant gun is the M4A1 Assault Rifle. The M4A1 is versatile and can be effective at any range, making it a great option for any player. It is a go-to weapon for many XDefiant players due to its reliability, accuracy. The M4A1 is the jack of all trades in XDefiant and will suit new or older players alike. The reason this gun is the best in the beta is because of how it feels and handles. Players can accurately kill from any range as the bullet drop is quite low and very less recoil.

Overall, XDefiant offers a wide variety of guns for players to choose from, with each category having its own strengths and weaknesses. Whether you prefer close-range combat or long range or prefer to stay away from enemies’ gaze there’s something for everyone. But even before choosing your favorite rifle for yourself, try out some different combinations. You can pair certain guns to match the abilities of respective factions which will help in combat.

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