BGMI X Dragon Ball Super Discovery event: How to get Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and other rewards for free

Here is the exhilarating BGMI X Dragon Ball Super Discovery Event.

BGMI X Dragon Ball Super Discovery event: How to get Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and other rewards for free

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has joined hands with the famous Dragon Ball Super World, giving players a special opportunity to go on a really exciting journey. The BGMI X Dragon Ball Super Discovery Event has brought in really fun gameplay and special rewards that players can get without spending money.

After the big hit of BGMI’s 2.5 update, the game brought out its 2.7 update on August 9. This update has taken players into a completely new world with the introduction of the Dragon Ball Super theme mode. This really cool mode is only available on the Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik maps, making the battlefield even more exciting.


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Get Son Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza characters along with other rewards in BGMI

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Now, players can dress up as their most-loved Dragon Ball Super characters, like the super famous Son Goku, the really tough Vegeta, and the well-known Frieza. This cool experience happens because of the Dragon Ball Super Discovery event, which is in the Events part of the game. The event gives you 120 Dragon Ball tokens, which is the same as the number of free tries you get to open crates. These tokens let you open crates without using UC. Your smart decisions can get you really cool prizes.

The Dragon Ball Super Discovery event happens in a big 99 levels, each filled with exciting challenges. Additionally, to move up these levels and get prizes, players need to play Dragon Ball Super-themed classic matches every day. Furthermore, as you play battles, you get special points, and you can get up to 120 points each day. This exciting collaboration started in BGMI and will keep players interested until October 11, at 05:29 am IST.


The special points that brave players earn open up lots of levels, each showing different prizes that make the game more fun. Really cool stuff is waiting for those who move up the levels, like super special outfits that you can only use for a short time, emotes that let you show yourself, and a bunch of awesome cosmetic items. The main part of the Dragon Ball Super Discovery event is in two different boxes: Dragon Ball Super Box A and Dragon Ball Super Box B. Players can open Box A using special Dragon Ball Exclusive Box Coupons or by spending UC, which is on sale at a big 50% off.

Dragon Ball Super Crate A
  • Son Goku Character Set
  • Vegeta Character Set
  • Super Siyan Son Goku Character Set
  • Super Saiyan Vegeta Character Set
  • Frieza Character Set
  • Release Ki Emote
  • Frieza Style Set
  • Frieza Style Cover
  • Parachute Trail (Green)
  • Parachute Trail (Pink)
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (x1, x2, and x3)
  • Son Goku Graffiti (x1 and x2)
  • Vegeta Grafitti (x1 and x2)
  • Silver Fragments (x5 and x10)
Dragon Ball Super Crate B
  • Ultimate Gohan Character Set
  • Piccolo Character Set
  • Upgradable Shenron DP-28
  • Kintoun
  • Bulma’s Motorcycle
  • Material
  • Mini Material Pieces
  • Parachute Trail (Green)
  • Parachute Trail (Pink)
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (x1, x2, and x3)
  • Super Saiyan Graffiti
  • Shenron Gift
  • Silver Fragments (x5 and x10)

BGMI players need to remember that Box B is not available right now and will be available in 26 days.

The Elusive Mythic Character Skins

The super special Goku and Vegeta Character Skins are the best things you can get in the boxes. But getting them depends on how lucky you are:

  • Mythic Item – 0.64%
  • Legendary Item – 3.50%
  • Epic Item – 57.00%
  • Rare Item – 38.86%

These numbers show that the special Character Skins are really rare, and you only have a small 0.64% chance of getting them. Trying to get these special things needs a smart plan. As players try to get really special character skins, they might need to spend in-game money (UC) or real money. Also, one spin of the box costs 60 UC, and if you want to do ten spins, it costs 540 UC, which is a bit cheaper.

Since it’s not easy to get these special things, players should be ready to spend a lot of UC to have a better chance. The special items are really rare, with only a 0.64% chance, so players might need to spend from 30,000 UC to a huge 100,000 UC. This big range is because getting these special items is random, and they’re really hard to find.

The Dragon Ball Super Discovery event goes on until the season ends, so players have lots of time until October 11. You can get the Red Ribbon Army – SKS skin by using the special Dragon Ball Exclusive Crate Coupon. In BGMI X Dragon Ball Super Discovery, the battlefield is like a big stage for exciting fights and really cool changes. Players can get their favorite characters and have lots of fun, all while seeing two awesome worlds come together.


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