Genshin Impact: Top 3 characters to pair up with Diona

Diona is one of the most underutilized characters in Genshin Impact.

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Diona dates back to the early beginning of Genshin Impact, unlike most of the other characters. As a result, Cryo bow users have a unique standing among the video game’s healers and support heroes. Despite her storied record inside the game, She is one of the more difficult characters to put together a team for, owing to her unusual build situation. Genshin Impact players should test out these team configurations to get the most from her unique powers.

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There’s a lot to consider when putting together a Diona squad, between her enabling abilities, shields, homing paw, and, of course, grade-A healing talents. In this game, her squad members will need to be designed around these distinct characteristics.

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How to choose a build for Diona?

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Genshin Impact: Top 3 characters to pair up with Diona 2

In-game selecting a build for Diona is a little different than picking a build for other characters. She is an S-class support character, despite her lack of DPS potential. With this in mind, players must decide whether she should be used as a healer or pure support.

The difference is due to her elemental skill (enabling/support) or elemental burst (healing/burst support) being more prevalent. While the differences between these all builds are modest, they can be the difference between her being on the field frequently or rarely.

Top 3 characters to play alongside Diona in Genshin Impact?


Diluc is a skilled Pyro claymore user, making him an ideal candidate for her elemental burst. Diluc’s elemental skill and burst are both designed to deal massive damage to single targets, making him an excellent DPS who can easily keep adversaries in the Cryo healing circle.

Diluc, infused with Pyro energy, works well with Diona’s burst, resulting in a continual stream of melt reactions. She can also offset Diluc’s habit of taking a lot of damage because she uses a shield.

Raiden Shogun:

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Raiden Shogun

Players will desire a battery when utilising her as a healer, or a character who boosts energy collecting for her elemental burst, in addition to a good DPS. Raiden Shogun is the best batter which compensates for the fact that she lacks her energy due to their elemental differences.


Razor is a strong match for her enabling talents, as well as having potential for the DPS role. Razor is best described as a sort of berserker DPS, in which he prioritises attack and speed over the defence. Razor may summon the Wolf Within state by using his elemental burst, granting him the power of his Electro wolf companion.

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