5 common errors in Minecraft and how to fix them

Some common errors you can experience while on Minecraft and how you can fix them.

5 common errors in Minecraft and how to fix them

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Minecraft is one of the most played games and the bestselling game with 238 million copies sold worldwide with 140 million monthly active players. Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios. It has been loved and played by many fans over the decade of it release.

Although it has been around for over a decade, Mojang Studios regularly updates the game giving players more content to experience. The updates consists of new monsters, biomes, mechanics, blocks etc. and for a game like Minecraft that offers both single player and multiplayer experience there are bound to be some errors faced by players. However most errors in Minecraft can be fixed easily.


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5. Outdated Client Error

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The outdated client error or the server out of date error is experienced by many players. This error can be easily fixed. Since Minecraft receives updates regularly, the server and client versions may not match all the time. The outdated client error means that the client you are currently using is not in sync with the sever you are playing on. All you need to do is update the client to the server’s version. The server out of date error means that the server is running on an older version of the game so you may need to download and install an older version to play on the server. Both of these actions can be completed on the installations tab in the Minecraft Launcher.

4. Connection Refused Error

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This is one of the most common error faced by players when playing multiplayer on servers and no servers with the associated address can be found. This can be caused due to incorrect IP address or the server being offline. Players can visit any of the multiple website on the internet to check the server status. If the server is online, then double check the IP address and enter it again. A server restart may also help in this situation.


3. Java.net.SocketException: connection reset Error

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The java.net.SocketException: connection reset error is also a common one due to server availability or internet connection. This error happens due to the connection problem between the client, server and the player. This usually occurs when the server is restarting or the internet connection is slow. Players can wait for the server to restart and check the server does not go offline for a long period of time and also check their internet connection.

2. Connection Fail: Bad Connection Error

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This error mainly appears when the version of the client and the version of the sever do not match. However this also happens when a player joins the servers right after its restart, internet connection can also play a huge impact on this issue. This also occurs when the connection of the player times out before joining the server. The solution to this error is to check whether the server is online or not and also check the version of the client and sever so that they are in sync. Players should aslo check their internet connection to see that it is not hindering them in joining the server.

1. io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException: Internal exception

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This error mainly occurs when the players game goes out of sync with the sever or the server they want to join. This is another one of the instances where a player’s internet plays a huge role. A slow internet connection will prevent the game from getting data from the server fast enough and hence the error. To fix this players need to check their internet connection. Another fix could be related to bandwidth. Players should ensure there are no unnecessary apps running along with Minecraft as it can cause bandwidth issues.


These are some of the common error players can face in Minecraft. However being such a large game, Minecraft has many more errors that are seen throughout some of which are more tougher than other.

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