EA FC 24: Everything you need to know about the new PlayStyle traits feature

All you need to know about EASFC 24 Ultimate Team's new feature PlayStyles and PlayStyles+.

EA FC 24: Everything you need to know about the new PlayStyle traits feature

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EA is venturing into a new era with EA Sports FC 24, touted to be the first title of the new franchise after EA broke the 30-year-old partnership with FIFA. Fans are waiting with bated breath to get more insights into the game, which is said to be as immersive and authentic as ever.


EA still owns the authentic licenses of more than thousands of players, many stadiums, and leagues, so don’t worry; everyone and everything will be present in the game. The most dynamic feature of all is the Ultimate Team, with new features being teased. FUT Founders and Evolution Paths are some features that have already been announced.

A new addition to the list is the PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ feature, which is like an overhaul of the earlier traits system. Revealed during the recently launched Gameplay deep dive by EA is going to further blend the game with real life. Let’s get to know what PlayStyles has to offer.

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New PlayStyle feature in EA FC 24

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EA Sports FC 24 fuels an unparalleled level of immersion and authenticity through the groundbreaking Hypermotion V technology. The gaming experience is further enhanced with the introduction of PlayStyles as a complementary feature. PlayStyles align players’ unique attributes and characteristics with their real-life counterparts, resulting in more engaging and realistic gameplay.

EA Sports has elevated the gaming experience of EA Sports FC 24 by leveraging its comprehensive analytical data in a groundbreaking partnership with Opta. This collaboration seamlessly integrates players’ signature styles into the game, enabling gamers to construct more formidable squads based on their in-depth knowledge of how these athletes perform in real-life matches. For example, Vinicius Jr.’s rapid dribbling in front of defenders or Haaland’s acrobatic volley against Dortmund. 

PlayStyles categories and list

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EA revealed during the gameplay deep dive that there are exactly 34 playstyle traits in the game, which are divided into six categories. Following are the different Playstyle traits, their effects, and the category they fall under:

Passing Traits

  • Pinged Pass: It is applicable to a player who excels at delivering defense-splitting passes, and setting up teammates for opportune runs. Through Passes exhibit higher accuracy, Swerve Passes showcase increased curves, and Precision Passes travel at greater speed.
  • Incisive Pass: It is equipped by a player known for his proficiency in executing high-speed ground passes. It ensures swift ball movement without compromising the ease of reception for teammates.
  • Long Ball Pass: It is equipped by a player who performs lobbed long passes. Results in accurate and speedy lob and lofted-through passes that are difficult for opponents to intercept.
  • Tiki Taka: It is applicable to a player known for his first-touch accurate passes. Remarkable skill in executing difficult first-time ground passes with exceptional accuracy, occasionally incorporating backheels when contextually suitable. Additionally, short-distance ground passes display high levels of accuracy.
  • Whipped Pass: It is applicable to a player known for making high-speed whipped passes. The crosses’ accuracy increases as well as the speed and has more curves on it.

Scoring Traits

  • Dead Ball: It is available for a player specialist in taking set pieces. Set pieces exhibit heightened speed, curve, and accuracy, resulting in longer ball trajectory preview lines.
  • Power Shot: It is applicable to a player known for taking shots from outside the box. It delivers shots with increased speed and power making it difficult for the goalkeeper to save.
  • Chip Shot: It is equipped for a player known for using the chip shot. It results in the chip shot getting performed faster and more accurately.
  • Finesse Shot: It is applicable for a player who is renowned for attempting precise ball placement when shooting at the goal. the finesse shot is performed with more speed, curve, and precision on it.
  • Power Header: It is available for a player known for his header in the game. It increases the power and the accuracy of the header.

Ball Control Traits

  • First Touch: It is applicable for a player known for accurate first touches in pressure situations. It reduces trapping error and minimizes it, enabling faster transitions to dribble with enhanced control.
  • Flair: It is available to a player known for his flamboyant moves. It Demonstrates enhanced accuracy in executing fancy passes and shots. Additionally, it performs flair animations contextually.
  • Press Proven: It is equipped by a player known for keeping possession during pressure situations. It Exhibits exceptional ball control during jog-speed dribbling and can shield the ball more effectively against stronger opponents.
  • Rapid: It is available to a player known for using his speed to dribble past defenders. They achieve a higher sprint speed while dribbling and reduce the likelihood of errors during sprints or knock-ons.
  • Technical: It is applicable to a player known for using his technicality to go past opponents. They display increased speed when performing Controlled Sprints and execute wide turns with improved precision during dribbling.
  • Trickster: It is equipped by a player who is known for performing skill moves in 1v1 situations to beat the players. It enables the player to perform unique flick skill moves with finesse.

Defending Traits

  • Block: Applicable to a player famous for performing elastic and over-reaching blocks. Enhances reach and success rate in performing blocks.
  • Bruiser: Applicable to a player known for using physicality to dispossess the opponent. They Demonstrate greater strength during physical tackles.
  • Intercept: Available to a player known for making great interceptions to stop opponent play and regain possession. It Improves reach and increases the likelihood of retaining possession when intercepting the ball.
  • Jockey: It can be equipped by a player who is known for being successful in 1v1 defending. It Increases maximum speed during Sprint Jockey and enhances transition speed from jockeying to sprinting.
  • Slide Tackle: Applicable to a player known for making slide tackles to defend. It Grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when executing a slide tackle.
  • Anticipate: It is available to a player who is recognized for achieving a high success rate in gaining ball possession through tackles while maintaining a low fouling rate. It Improves the success rate of standing tackles and allows the player to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing a standing tackle.

Physical Traits

  • Acrobatic: It is available to a player recognized for his acrobatic skills like passes or shots. They Execute volleys with enhanced accuracy and utilize acrobatic volley animations.
  • Aerial: It is for a player known for coming out on top of the aerial battles whether in defense or in attack. They Demonstrate higher jumps and improved physical presence in aerial situations.
  • Trivela: It is available for a player who is known for passing, and shooting with the outside of his foot. It Contextually initiates “outside of the foot” passes and shots.
  • Relentless: It is applicable to players known for their stamina and covering of the field. It Minimizes fatigue loss during play and boosts fatigue recovery during halftime.
  • Quick-Step: It is available to a player who is known for his short bursts of explosive speed with or without the ball. It accelerates more rapidly during explosive sprints.
  • Long Throw: It is for players who are known to throw the ball with more power than other players. They perform throw-ins with increased power, covering a greater distance.

Goalkeeper Traits

EA devs have told that the buffs for goalkeeper PlayStyle and PlayStyle+ are exclusively available in Be a Goalkeeper modes (Player Career and Clubs).

  • Far Throw: Goalkeepers are known to possess the ability to target players further away with thrown passes. The players will exhibit increased reach and handling abilities, particularly toward the end of a match.
  • Footwork: Goalkeepers are renowned for frequently making saves with their feet. It results in heightened reactions and speed during 1v1 situations.
  • Cross Claimer: Goalkeepers excel at intercepting crosses, particularly when reaching the ball slightly ahead of opponents. This will provide players with enhanced reflexes and reactions during opposing set pieces.
  • Rush Out: Goalkeepers are recognized for their aggressive approach when rushing out. It provides players with increased running speed.
  • Far Reach: GKs display superior effectiveness in saving shots from outside the box. It benefits from enhanced reach and jumping abilities.
  • Quick Reflexes: GKs showcase heightened reflexes and reactions when making saves from inside the box.

About PlayStyles+

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PlayStyles+ will only be available to the top players. PlayStyles+ is nothing else than PlayStyles but with enhanced abilities. PlayStyle grants players distinctive capabilities, while PlayStyle+ elevates those signature abilities to a world-class level, like more superior power, reach, and curve on the shot.

In conclusion, the PlayStyle traits feature in Ultimate Team of EA Sports FC 24 is a game-changer that enhances player performance, promotes tactical diversity, and adds a new layer of realism to the game. By individualizing player attributes based on their real-life playing style, gamers can expect a more immersive, engaging, and competitive football gaming experience like never before. This is all you need to know about EA Sports FC’s new feature. 

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