EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: How to complete Trailblazers Challenge 3 SBC?

Increase your Odds of Packing the Trailblazers

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: How to complete Trailblazers Challenge 3 SBC?

From this year forward, Trailblazers will be the newest promo in the EA FC 24. It emphasizes real-world player performances and boosts them appropriately. Up until this point, prominent figures like Salah and Kylian Mbappe have taken part in this promo. There is plenty on the grind to complete this week too. Opening as many packs as possible during live events only increases your odds of getting a special item on your Ultimate Team.


The Trailblazers advertisement mainly highlights players with strong performance stats who had strong starts to the season. Eight out of the fourteen players in the promotion are additionally given Playstyle or Playstyle Plus cards. They will be given another one if they already have one. Additionally, there is a ton of work on SBCs and Objectives.

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Complete EA FC 24 Trailblazers Challenge 3 SBC

The third SBC Challenge went live on FUT earlier this week following the disclosure of the first two challenges. Here are the requirements and cheap solutions to complete SBC Challenge 3 in EA FC 24.

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Challenges to complete the SBC are:

  • Max. Leagues in Squad: 2
  • Players from the same Nation: Max. 2
  • Players from the same Club: Min. 3
  • Players Gold: Min. 10
  • Players Rare: Min. 2
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min. 24

Reward: Rare Electrum Player Pack

  • Jimenez-ST- OVR 76
  • Kalajdzic-ST-OVR 77
  • Cornet-LM-OVR 76
  • Nargaard-CDM-OVR 77
  • Jensen-CM-OVR 76
  • Jean-GK-OVR 75
  • Jonny-LB-OVR 76
  • Davies-CB-OVR 77
  • Cabellos-RW-OVR 62
  • Kilman-CB-OVR 76
  • Doherty-RB- OVR 75

The SBC Expires on October 21, 2023. Moreover, SBC Trailblazers Challenge 3 will cost you around 7500 coins in FUT & will be available for 3 Days and will expire at 6:00 p.m. on October 21. On 13th October, EA FC 24 revealed the players who were part of the first team of the Trailblazers campaign. Although the names of the upcoming squad members were supposed to be revealed on October 20th, it appears that they were leaked far earlier.

With the Trailblazers Team 2 just around the corner, it’s been a busy week for players in EA FC 24. These promos in the first month of the game are good enough to give you a head start if you pack a well-built card that fits your Ultimate team. Stay tuned for the latest on EA FC 24 news and promos.


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