FIFA 23 Objectives: How to complete Tahith Chong EFL TOTS Moments objective

A guide to complete Tahith Chong EFL TOTS Moments objective in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Objectives: How to complete Tahith Chong EFL TOTS Moments objective

Now that EA has already published the list of the most talented players in the league of EFL teams in FIFA 23, it is time to unlock one of the most influential players who received the TOTS card. One among them is the lesser-known talented Dutch midfielder, Tahith Chong, who can finally be unlocked through an objective in the FIFA 23.

The player did an incredible job in Birmingham City and showed his performance is something to be noticed and taken account of. Along with his performance, he also received a top-tier rating of 90 in the FUT version, making him one of the players to keep an eye out for.

Tahith Chong FIFA 23 (Source:

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Tahith Chong in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Objectives: How to complete Tahith Chong EFL TOTS Moments objective
Tahith Chong TOT Moments (image credit:

Since minor leagues are not very popular among the masses, the best player from these leagues ultimately makes it to the major leagues. So there is always gold to be found in various teams. With the EFL lineup boasting a strong line of recommendation over the new season. This season has brought a low-tier player into the limelight, Birmingham City’s Tahith Chong the newest arrival. You can complete a few challenges and this card can all be yours in FIFA 23.

Previously having played at Manchester United the young Dutch player missed out to make his mark in the club. However, Tahith Chong found his firm footing in the Birmingham City club just fine in a short period of time. With the club’s previous disappointing performance in the last few seasons, this news is a sigh of relief for Birmingham City.

How to complete Tahith Chong EFL moment Objective

To get your hands on this new Dutch star in FIFA 23, players have to complete a few challenges. To get a closer look at different competitions here are a few to complete the objective.

Various Plays in the game to the objectives

1. Midfield Leader: Use midfielders to score seven goals in Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty (or against Rivals and FUT Champions).

2. Superb Vision: In squad battles on minimum, assist three goals with through balls with players with at least 80 PAS. Semi-Pro difficulty.

3. Oranje: Using Dutch players, score and assist in three different Squad Battles games on the minute. moderately difficult.

4. Winning Feeling: Win six games of Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty (or FUT Champions and Rivals), and have at least three Dutch players in your starting 11.

Players can try to complete this challenge in offline mode as well as in the Squad Battles.

Now that players know how to make the best efforts to add Chong to their team, hop in FIFA 23 to get your hands on the Dutch footballer and work your way up the stats in FIFA 23.