GTA Online: Top 10 best cars for beginners

Travel in style as you begin your GTA Online journey.

GTA Online: Top 10 best cars for beginners

GTA Online is famous for its open-world freedom that gives liberty to players to indulge in various activities which is limitless. One such and most sought after is having cars to ride around the various neighborhood and different regions in Los Santos. For beginners to explore the game and that too on a certain budget without a compromise is a challenge in itself.


But worry not! Here is a great deal of cars list for beginners that covers all the conditions that beginners might run into. Be it going places, chases, or relaxing at parties. There are a whole lot of vehicles for each occasion with enough consideration. Read on to indulge in the world of great cars in GTA Online.

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Top 10 cars for beginners in GTA Online

10. Karin Sultan

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Karin Sultan (image via GTA

It is amongst the easiest car to get your hands on. With slick driving and easy handling the car is best used for normal commutes and wandering around and across the streets. The car is only available at Benny’s Original Motor Works. With a meager price tag of $12,000, this makes up the best car for beginners without spending much of their cash.


The car is referenced from real-life Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, Subaru Impreza, and Lexus IS. The car has fairly affordable customization options and can go up to a top speed of 115mph getting the job done without flipping a dime. If it comes to it players can also discover the car around the map or at times even steal it. You can also upgrade it to Sultan RS from Benny’s.

9. Vapid Dominator

Top 10 vehicles under $100K in GTA Online
(image via Rockstar Games)

Dominators can be found anywhere on the map without too much effort. This car is important since it is among the cheapest yet great muscle cars to choose from. With a meager amount of $35,000, players can add this beast to their garage. The car styling and curves are quite impressive.

While it could be a bit of a challenge to get used to the sway the car has on short turns and fast speeds, the car has fairly good acceleration. With a top speed of 120mph, this is a must-have muscle car in the beginner’s garage for flexing around. Vapid Dominator is based on a real-life Ford Mustang 500GT line.

8. Canis Mesa (Merryweather)

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Canis Mesa Merryweather from GTA Online (image

GTA Online has a plethora of missions for players to play. With that said, the majority of the map has poor roads and at times the missions are far out of reach of a normal vehicle. To overcome this problem, beginners could choose to have an off-road vehicle in their car fleet.


Among so many options, Canis Mesa is an easy pick for players to go around the wild places where there are no roads. Merryweather would take players places a normal car can only dream of. With its resemblance to the Jeep Wrangler and a decent top speed of 99 mph (approx.) where there’s no road. Canis is doing just fine without breaking a sweat. With its outer cage that provides the SUV additional strength to the body, this is a must-have off-road in the beginner’s collection.

7. Karin Kurama (Armored)

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Karin Kurama from GTA Online (image credit:

Running and gunning are generic things in GTA Online. This beast is an armored car that also can rev the engine to get out of the heat quickly. Among the present armored cars in the game, it is most efficient in blocking bullets. However, it can’t take a single explosive. With a trade price of $525,000, this can find a home in the player’s garage.

The car has heavy armor plating that can take a great deal of damage and run as fast as 109mph. Based on real-life Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and Subaru WRX STi. With good handling on tough roads while in a chase, this car will surely pay off its price in the meantime.

6. Obey 9f

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Obey 9f (image credit:

When players need something reliable top-notch handling to race around the maps, the Obey 9f is what players are looking for. Obey 9f has the best handling among the same category of sports cars. With plenty of body balance on the car, this car stays on the track even at high speeds. With a price of $120,000, this is a best buy for beginners to race around the maps and in events. The Obey 9 is closely based on the real-life Audi R8. With a top speed of 119 mph at full customization, this car surely will humble most races. GTA Online features lots of cars for racing among the same bracket of sports cars this one stands out on its own.


5. Benefactor Feltzer

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Benefactor Feltzer (image credit:

Feltzer is among the best sports cars beginners can get their hands on. This car has tonnes of customization which makes it very cool to own. This car can go at a decent speed of 119 mph and can hold still. On top of that, it is among the best-handling car in all of GTA Online.

If beginners are looking forward to expecting stability while driving, get this car in the garage. With a little over $145,000 this groundhog can all be yours. The car is closely based on the original Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG.

4. Grotti Carbonizzare

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Grotti Carbonizzare (image via

This is the only hard-top convertible car in GTA Online. While the car costs $195,000 in GTA Online, this is a pretty good deal for players. The car can go up to a peak speed of 119.50 mph when fully upgraded, with balanced power to acceleration output, the car steers well enough on curvy roads.

When it comes to look of this car, it is among the most beautiful car in the game. Carbonizzare is based on real-life inspiration from Ferrari 612, Nissan GTR, Ferrari Italia, and V12 Zagato from the rear.


3. Benefactor Schafter V12

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Benefactor Schafter V12 from GTA Online (image credit:

This is an amazing luxurious sedan that beginners can hop into with their friends to have fun and joy rides in GTA Online. With great handling prowess and luxurious interiors that give out a high-end look, this doesn’t cost all that much. With little over $116,000 players can add this to their garage. Schafter features a huge V12 under the hood so this car can surely talk to the wind if it demands it.

This car classifies as both a sports and Sedan class car. Since competition in the sports cars category is very tough, it cannot perform well in this category races. However, in the sedan class, it ranks in the top 10 fastest Sedan cars in GTA Online. Schafter V12 has a top speed of 124mph which would put most sports cars to shame in its price range. Schafter V12 takes inspiration from real-life Brabus E V12. With players being able to take it to parties and dealings, Benefactor Schafter V12 is a great car to deal in.

2. Elegy RH8

Top 10 vehicles under $100K in GTA Online
Elegy RH8 in GTA Online (image via

If beginners want something that is both great at handling and power output then this is the right car for them. Elegy RH8. If the players choose to link their account to the Rockstar Social Club website then they would get this car for free. Otherwise, the car is available at the price of $95,000 which is a great price considering it’s under the 100k price range.

This car can be taken on missions ranging from long distances to short. Since the car does wonders on the handling part where everything falls right under the controls without too much drift or sway, this is a good car. The Elegy RH8 can go as fast as 118mph. RH8 is based on a real-life Nissan GTR and resembles a good combination of the same.


1. Ocelot Virtue

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Ocelot Virtue in GTA Online (image credit:

With all kinds of cars in the garage, Having a high-end car with ultimate performance and the ability to go toe to toe against the best cars is equally important. Keeping that in mind, this is a fast car that players would find quite handy when it comes to going through certain missions. The best thing about this beast is you can get this for absolutely free. You have to complete all First and Last Dose missions to get this beautiful electric vehicle. Since the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC is great for beginners, you should try to complete these as soon as possible.

These are the best cars for beginners in GTA Online. Now that these are well within budgets and worth the price, hop in your ride, and buckle up. Go out on the roads of Los Santos and have fun completing your missions!

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