GTA Online: How to Get Benefactor Dubsta 2?

A complete guide to get your hands on Dubsta 2 in GTA Online.

GTA Online: How to Get Benefactor Dubsta 2?

Dubsta 2 is one of the best SUVs in GTA Online. Being one of the most sought-after SUVs this car sure has its grip over the heart of car enthusiasts. Dubsta 2 is a 4X4 which gives it an advantage over other vehicles. The Dubsta 2 is great at handling and doesn’t need too much braking on the banking of the road. Due to its seamless driving experience, this car is often used in chasing and going a bit off the normal roads since it has some off-road abilities.

The car is stable at high speeds with greater comfort and road presence. The actual model of Dubsta takes a lot of inspiration from the real-life Mercedes Benz G-class. There are plenty of custom features available in the game spanning from outer body changes to interior scaling of luxuries for this robust SUV.

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Three methods to get Dubsta 2 in your possession in GTA Online

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MC method:

This method will require the players to have an in-game friend who is an MC president. After this, they will need to invite the player to the MC and promote players to the road captain. After this is done successfully, players will then have to interact with the menu, and thereon to MC abilities within those options players will be able to see one of the options being a Dubsta 2. Spawn the vehicle for having fun in vast maps of GTA Online.

Miss Baker method:

This method requires the player to call Miss Baker on their phone whereupon a menu on the top left appears. Click on the request vehicle option. Here, players will see a list of cars to choose from one of which would be Dubsta 2. Spawn the vehicle and add it to your garage.

Bunker method:

This is the last and one the most interesting methods to make memories with Dubsta 2. Go to the bunker that the player has and start the resupply mission. The enemies will come after players with fleets of Dubsta 2 SUVs. The locations for spawning the vehicle on the map are only two. This would save a lot of time for players to look around. One of them is located at Rockford Hill, Los Santos Custom in GTA Online. After players reach this location they will see a Dubsta 2 parked right beside the road with broken windows from the back of the SUV. This is however only half work done since players can’t directly add this car to the garage.

Players will have to drive this SUV on a specific route that follows the given direction

  • Locate the car at the Rockford Hills and enter the Dubsta 2.
  • Take a right after getting the car, Keep driving on a straight road.
  • Drive until you reach an intersection of a bridge and turn another right.
  • Keep driving on the same road until players reach the right turn to locate Los Santos Custom.
  • After spotting the the Dubsta 2 in the parking lot get it inside the Los Santos Customs.
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One thing players need to know is that players should try to run this mission from 9 pm-5 am standard time in-game. This increases the probability of spawning the Dubsta 2 in the parking lot of Los Santos Custom.

Players might not always get the car in the first run of driving around. So players need to keep running in circles, and in supposedly 2-3 attempts, they will finally see the Dubsta 2 parked.

Now that players have been acquainted with the ways to get their hands on Dubsta 2, players might as well hop right into GTA Online and add this spectacular beast SUV in their garage.

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