GTA Online: How to get Declasse Tornado (Mariachi)?

Here's a guide to add Declasse Tornado Mariachi a sweet vintage ride into your collection

GTA Online: How to get Declasse Tornado (Mariachi)?

There are some rare vehicles in GTA Online that players cannot buy directly from the websites. These are the special versions of already existing vehicles. The Tornado Mariachi is a very rare variant of the Tornado convertible in GTA Online. Even though the car doesn’t give off the vibe of something that can travel at high speeds, this car sure packs a punch with an astounding speed of 96 mph on off-road paths. The speed of this beauty of a bygone era will humble most cars in this class.

This piece, which probably belongs in a museum, has pretty good handling and suspension, unlike modern-day cars. With that said, if it’s not in a museum, players can surely add this classic art to their collection of collectibles. The rarity of this car is what gives it profound value and is sought after.

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Steal Tornado Mariachi in GTA Online

GTA Online: How to get Declasse Tornado (Mariachi)?
Image via Rockstar Games

Declasse Tornado Mariachi is among the best cars for players with a taste for their car collection. The car features retro styling and old looks without any additional attachments from modern-day technology. It is still intact and kicking enough horses to race at times. The Declasses Tornado Mariachi is based on real-life Chevrolet Bel Air.

The car features two guitars and a Mexican flag that shows the heritage of its previous owners in the game. The lackluster of this car preserves the days that it has seen. This adds to the vintage points in the car and gives it a vibe from a kinder past. Follow these steps to get yourself Tornado Mariachin in GTA Online

  • Players need to have a helicopter for the ease of traveling to the location. Since the altruist camp is located at a place where cars will have a hard time reaching, Take a helicopter for ease of access to this location in GTA Online.
  • Looking across the mountain players will notice a ridge with a small slope across a wooden bridge. Players are supposed to reach the location just before 6:30 pm.
  • However, players will have to keep their eyes completely off the location where the car will spawn. The car will spawn just right at 7:03 pm. These times are to be followed to the last detail.
  • As soon as the clock hits 7:03 take out the driver in the car with a sniper rifle. Right after players drop the driver there will be police after players because of the shot fired at the driver. Players can easily deal with cops by calling Lester.
  • Players should keep their eye on the car just in case for the car to disappear. Often it happens that car will disappear once players look elsewhere.

It is advised to the players that they should carry a thermal-scoped sniper for a better shot as it is evening time and visibility could be an issue. Make sure to buy insurance for the vehicle, as you’ll not be able to recover the vehicle if it gets wasted.

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