GTA Online: How to play the San Andreas Super Sports series (SASS series)

Join races easily, earn rewards, and add structure to your gameplay with Daily Objectives.

GTA Online: How to play the San Andreas Super Sports series (SASS series)

Image via Rockstar Games

GTA Online is a really fun multiplayer part of Grand Theft Auto V. It has lots of different types of games, which makes it cool to play. One of the best parts is the San Andreas Super Sports Series (SASS series). It’s all about racing, which is super exciting. It lets players feel the fun of racing stock cars, like in those real NASCAR races you see.


In GTA Online, this series gives you some cool races that make the game even more awesome. There are 10 races called Hotring Circuits in total, and each one is different and tricky in its way. So, the SASS series is all about getting your heart pumping and having a super exciting time.

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Enjoy the SASS series in GTA Online

GTA Online: How to play the San Andreas Super Sports series (SASS series)
Image via Rockstar Games

Getting in the driver’s seat and joining a SASS race is easy. Here’s a simple guide to help you begin:

  • Open the Pause Menu while playing GTA Online.
  • From the Pause Menu, choose the “Online” option.
  • Under the “Online” tab, select “Play Job” and then “Rockstar Created.”
  • Navigate to the “Races” category and look for “Stunt Races.”
  • Within the Stunt Races section, find and select the “SASS Series” to start the race.

Being part of the SASS series gives players a bunch of good things, making your GTA Online time even better:

  • Rewards: Doing SASS races for your Daily Goals gets you cool stuff like money and RP.
  • Fun Gameplay: Daily Goals, like doing SASS races, give you clear things to do and make your gaming time even better.
  • Exciting Races: The SASS series has really fun stock-car races that make GTA Online even more awesome.
  • Different Tracks: There are 10 different Hotring Circuits in the SASS series, so each race is a new challenge and feels special.

To make your SASS series time better, think about these ideas:

  • Race with Friends: Ask your buddies to join your SASS races. It can make finding matches faster and more fun to race against friends.
  • Find Your Way: Look at the game map and follow the SA Super Sports Series symbol to find where races start quickly.

In GTA Online, the San Andreas Super Sports series lets you have fast and fun stock-car races, making the game even more exciting. Doing SASS races as part of your Daily Goals gets you money and RP, and it also makes your game time more organized. So, get ready, go to the track, and enjoy the excitement of the SASS series!

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