GTA Online: How to unlock and play Survival Mode

Explore the dynamic world of GTA Online and dive into Survival Mode's 30 diverse gameplay variations.

GTA Online: How to unlock and play Survival Mode

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GTA Online is the multiplayer part of the famous GTA 5 game. It’s a changing online world where players can dive into a big, open world. You can do exciting robberies, fast races, and tricky missions. Sometimes these contact missions, heists, and business sale missions can be very tiresome, and players get bored while playing GTA Online. For such times, the Survival Mode, along with other fun game modes, comes into play in Los Santos.


Survival Mode in GTA Online is an exciting challenge where players fight against non-player characters that keep coming in waves. As the waves go on, the game gets more intense, asking for smart positioning, using things wisely, and quick reactions. You might fight in different places or deal with lots of vehicles coming at you. Survival Mode is like a hard test where you need to think smart and use your gaming skills to win.

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Everything you need to know about Survival mode in GTA Online

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Survival Mode becomes available when players reach Rank 15 and have unlocked the character Trevor in the main story. Here’s what you have to do next:

  • Meeting Lester and Unlocking Trevor: First, you need to meet Lester, an important part of your GTA journey. This will open the door for Trevor to show up.
  • Gerald’s Required Mission: Gerald, another character in the game, will give you a mission called “Meth’d Up.” Finishing this mission is necessary to unlock Survival Mode.
  • Meeting Trevor: After you successfully complete Gerald‘s task, Ron will call you and tell you where to find Trevor’s trailer. This shows you where Trevor is on the map.
  • Trevor’s Trailer Scene: When you meet Trevor, a scene will play. Watch this scene closely because it gets you ready for what’s next.
  • Survival Mode Tutorial: Right after the scene, you’ll get a tutorial. This tutorial happens at a factory and teaches you about Survival Mode. To start, you need at least $200.
  • Finishing the Tutorial: The important thing to unlock Survival Mode is to finish the tutorial. Go through the challenges at the factory to unlock the mode for GTA Online.

Survival Mode has a big 30 different ways to play, and each one is more exciting than the last. Here’s a peek at what you can expect:

  • Fights with Waves: You’ll have to face lots of waves of NPCs, a total of ten waves. As each wave goes on, the game gets harder, making you stay alert.
  • Cars Join In: In the third round, cars come into the fight, making things even more fun. By the fourth round, you can call a buzzard helicopter to help you, and things get even more challenging with two buzzards in the seventh wave. The last wave brings out three strong helicopters.
  • Endless Wave Choice: If you’re really brave, you can pick an endless wave choice. This mode tests how good you are as you fight wave after wave of computer-controlled characters. Watch out for tough enemies called juggernauts that come after the tenth wave.

As you play Survival Mode, remember these really useful tips to make sure you do well:

  • Smart Moving: Don’t run around all the time on the map, as that makes you an easy target for snipers in later waves. Smart positioning helps you.
  • Eating and Drinking: Keep an eye on your health by eating snacks and drinking. If you eat and drink quickly, you’ll get your health back up, and that helps you stay in the game.
  • Finding Resources: Look for Ammos and Kevlar in the area. These things can really help you when you’re in tough fights.
  • Shoot Without Seeing: When you’re outnumbered, shooting without peaking can help. It lets you shoot enemies without getting hit as much as you would take while peaking wide open.

With these easy steps and good advice, you’re ready to beat the waves and win in the tough world of GTA Online’s Survival Mode. Survival Mode in GTA Online is an exciting way to see how good you are and how tough you can be. When you unlock it, you get to do tough things and push your limits with other players.

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