Hogwarts Legacy: How to find and catch Giant Purple Toads?

Find and capture the Giant Purple Toad in Hogwarts Legacy with ease!

Hogwarts Legacy: How to find and catch Giant Purple Toads?

The Hogwarts Legacy consists of 13 magical beasts to be captured. The dens where they reside are available on the map and are often found near water bodies. In class, Professor Howin’s students are assigned to capture these beasts and nurture them in the Vivarium, which specifically has room for requirements. This comes after completing Desk’s quest called The Elf and the Loom.

After looking after and taking care of the beasts, Giant toads will provide players with enough Toad warts to upgrade the gear and also produce potions. However, this all comes after players catch the beasts, which is the primary objective of students. So, let’s take a look at how to get these beasts under control and capture them.

Hogwarts Legacy (source: YouTube.com)

In terms of their physiology, giant toads look almost like one would imagine on the first try. These creatures are intriguing and would peek in for curiosity. However this also calls for them to become timid and will make a run for it if they sense any danger.

Giant toads are not exactly friendly, but they are not hostile towards the witches and wizards. If they chose to flee it would be an incredible task to keep up with their speed in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to locate and catch Giant Purple Toad?

To locate the Giant purple toad, open the map and try to pinpoint the paw prints that show a trail of beasts that live in the dens across this region. East of Hogwarts, across the Black Lake, is where players may find the Giant Purple Toad den, which is also where they can start the Lost Astrolabe Quest of Hogwarts Legacy.

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To make sure they don’t get away without getting a shot at capturing them, players are advised to use spells like Levioso, and Arresto Momento. It will slow down the beast and help you to capture it without sweating too much. This is also where Dugbogs linger, so players should clear an area and attempt to capture a Giant Purple Toad.

Another region players can opt to look into is the western region of the Forbidden Forest. As the name suggests this place is quite infamous for enemies lurking around to attack passers. But with high risk, it’s easy to collect the beast here as well.

Upper Hogsfield Den

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Location paw prints for beasts (image via YouTube.com)

This location is also prone to having more Giant toads. This area is quite quiet and doesn’t hustle much. Players are advised to cast the spell of Revelio and scan areas for any Merlin trials in the region waiting to be completed.

South Sea Bog den

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Map of South sea bog (image credit: YouTube.com)

This is the toughest area for players to capture Giant Purple Toad. Crawling with Inferi and Dugbogs would endanger the player if players get past the enemies they will be rewarded with Stench of Dead which is used to brew the potions.

Now that players know how to capture the magical beast of Giant Purple Toad and find their locations, Hop into the Hogwarts legacy and try it out if you haven’t already!