Hogwarts Legacy: How to get Horklump Juice

Here is the guide for players to get their hands on Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to get Horklump Juice

Hogwarts Legacy is full of magic, potions, magic spells, and things a normal Potter fan can imagine. These things have various effects and use in the gameplay and storyline of the game. It is an important factor that sums up the entire gist of powers in Hogwarts Legacy. Among all the potions that Hogwarts Legacy features, Horklump juice is the most sought-after potion ingredient in the game. This specific juice is used to brew the Wiggenweld potion. This potion is generally practiced to heal players in the game.

But there’s an issue with Horklump juice in the game because unlike other ingredients this cannot be grown. With that said it becomes an implication that this juice is location specific. There are certain places in the game where this juice can be more easily found than others. Also, don’t let the visuals of this ingredient fool you. Presumed to mushroom, these are creatures. So they keep moving time and time again. Players to harness the Horklump juice will have to often go out of their way to gather these animals for juice. And yes, players will have to get a lot of these in the Hogwarts Legacy.

Horlumps juice in Hogwarts Legacy (source: YouTube.com)

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Buying the Horklump juice

Hogwarts Legacy: How to get Horklump Juice?
Horklumps juice (image via YouTube.com)

The quickest way to go around finding the Horklump juice is to simply buy it, without wasting any time and effort in search of it. However, buying Horklump juice is not cheap, so the cost depends on the quantity players need. Places like J. Pippin’s Potions do sell these juice in their store. Players can opt to buy from this store itself.

However, shops like these only sell juice in limited quantities like 50 galleons per unit. Considering that the actual Potion of Wiggenweld costs only up to 100 galleons it doesn’t make much sense to buy Horklump juice.

Where to look for Horklump juice?

Hogwarts Legacy: How to get Horklump Juice?
Horklump juice location in Hogwarts legacy (image via YouTube.com)

So if the players decide to go out to explore the game in its truest sense. Looking for places and harvesting the Horklump juice is the right way to enjoy the game. This will rightfully guide players about the places for Horklump juice to find. These juices are abundantly found outside the Treasure vaults which are often scattered around the region of the Scottish Highlands.

Players simply need to look on the map for these treasure vaults and enter the place. This is where they’ll stumble upon plenty of Horklump juice. However, they respawn at this location after every in-game 3 days.

Alternatively, there’s a place called Horklump Hollow. As the name goes, common sense will attract the players here. North of Hogsmeade has a cave which is called Horklump Hollow. The only catch being players will have to face the wrath of Mountain Troll who is in charge of guarding these Horklump juice.

Tips to fight off these giants

Hogwarts Legacy: How to get Horklump Juice?
Mountain troll (image via YouTube.com)
  • Use long range attak spells like Confringo
  • Deflect the rock attacks with Protego and counterattack with the same spell.
  • Keep a safe distance while fighting the troll
    Aim for the head to confuse the troll and keep good amounts of healing potions to replenish the health from time to time.

With that, the full guide for getting Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy is complete. Now, hop right into the game to enjoy this quest to make Wiggenweld potion in the game.

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