How to convert Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch 2?

Players can convert their Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch 2 with ease.

How to convert Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch 2?

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Switching from Valorant to Overwatch 2’s PVP beta can be challenging because the sensitivity numbers in each game don’t correspond. It can take time to find the right sensitivity in Overwatch 2. However, with some quick calculations, it’s possible to transition smoothly.

It’s important to note that Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced game with higher mobility compared to Valorant. Valorant is a much more tactical and methodical game. What works for players in one game may not be ideal for the other. Experimenting with sensitivity settings is key to finding the right sensitivity.


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Converting Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch 2

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To convert your Valorant sensitivity settings to Overwatch 2’s beta, multiply your Valorant sensitivity by 10.6. You can also use third-party tools to find your ideal sensitivity for Overwatch 2, but keep in mind that the fast-paced gameplay may require further adjustment.

Finding the right sensitivity settings in Valorant depends on the game you are playing. If players need to move your mouse continuously, using lower sensitivity is recommended for more precise aiming. Games like CS:GO and Valorant are slower-paced than Overwatch or Apex Legends, which have extremely high mobility. Therefore, transitioning from CS:GO, Overwatch, Apex Legends to Valorant can be tricky at times. It’s safer to use lower sensitivity in Valorant than in Overwatch.


To find the right settings in Valorant, load into the training range and try to keep the mouse locked onto a target while strafing. Increase the sensitivity a little if you’re unable to do so and try again. If players can comfortably track their targets, try reducing the sensitivity a little and see if they can still track them. Ideally, players want to find the right spot where your sensitivity is as low as possible without straining their hand. Always lower sensitivity in smaller amounts instead of making drastic changes, as it can disorient your muscle memory. Forcing yourself into sensitivity settings that you’re not comfortable with will harm you in the long run.

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