How to download Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10 update on all current platforms

Minecraft has a new update, Bedrock 1.20.10, lets see what it has in store and how to download it on all platforms.

How to download Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10 update on all current platforms

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Minecraft is one of the world’s most downloaded games and has more than a million players playing it every day. Mojang has just released the 1.20.10 update for the Bedrock version, and it has brought some new and exciting changes and features. The new update has gone live and is available to download on all compatible platforms as of July 11.

The latest version has added new features like short sneaking (1.5), similar to the Minecraft Java edition. Moreover, it also introduces crawling as an experimental feature, accessible through the experimental toggle. In addition to that, unlocking recipes has also been included as an experimental feature, requiring players to collect materials in order to unlock relevant recipes.


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Download Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10 update for your device

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Everybody is excited to update the game to the latest version, and this article will guide you through the process of updating the Bedrock 1.20.10 version to your console. The new update has brought in a lot of new features and also fixed some bugs and errors that were present in the game. 

This update keeps the streak of Minecraft coming up with fire updates alive. This update gave us the feature of short sneaking, which was previously only available in the Java version. The developers have done a good job covering up the bugs and bringing in good changes, like the camera position, which can now be used for audio system listening and ambient sounds. too  Let’s start without any delay and download the Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10 update.



  • By default, Minecraft on PlayStation consoles is set to update automatically when there is a stable internet connection.
  • Alternatively, you can follow these steps: go to the game on your dashboard, press the options button, and select “check for updates.” If updates are available, they will be added to your download queue for installation.


  • For Xbox, you need to access the “My Games & Apps” menu on the home screen.
  • Press the “More Options” button and select “Updates.”
  • If there is an update for Minecraft it will be visible there. Simply select them to begin the installation.

Windows 10/11 edition

  • Open the Microsoft Store app found on the PC.
  • You can either search or go to the library and see Minecraft.
  • To update Minecraft, click the “Play” button next to the update’s name or select “Update All” for the update.


  • By default, Minecraft will be updated automatically if you have an internet connection and have selected “auto-update”, otherwise you would have to do it manually.
  • You can do it manually by heading to the Google Play Store. Open your installed apps and games, choose the game from a list of updates if any are available, and click on “update”.


  • Just like with Android devices, Minecraft on iOS mobile platforms will automatically update as long as there is a stable internet connection.
  • To do it manually open the game and check your version. Click on your profile icon and then check If your game is 1.20.10 yet or not, if not then go to the App Store to download the latest version, click on Minecraft, and then click on “Update” in the App Store.

Nintendo Switch

  • To update the game on Switch, open the Switch with a stable internet connection and you will receive a notification for updating the game to the latest version.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer, you can simply open the e-shop from your dashboard. Search “Minecraft” in the search bar, open the game’s store page, and press the update button.

These are all the ways you can update Minecraft on your console to the latest Bedrock 1.20.10 update. Test out the new features, and enjoy them with your friends. The development team has addressed various bugs and errors in the update. The development team has successfully resolved the issue of the “communication error” that players experienced when they left a local network as the host of the Nintendo Switch. Along with this fix, they have also addressed other issues.

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